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6 Latest Changes in Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

Technology has become a cliché these words. Everywhere we look, we seem to have more and more advantages thanks to the savvy use of technology. If you look at the arc of sheer progress made in the simplest of things, from open fires to state- of- the- art ovens, from computers as big as rooms to those that fit in a bag – technology has changed everything for us. It has made it possible for us to live longer, travel further and experience more.

For instance, a used honda odyssey comes with automatic transmission, ABS brakes, good options for your listening pleasure and power everything- windows, mirrors, seats and doors. A smooth and safer ride is virtually guaranteed. The automotive industry has seen huge strides in the world of technology. This has benefited customers immensely. Here are some of the latest changes in automotive technology.

1. Combined fuel choice

Hybrid cars are here to stay. Offering you a choice between electric and gas, this car makes for more conscious living and a better environment. Electric cars are great for short distances and ensure a cleaner, less polluted space to live in.

2. Haptics

Using touch, the car sends signals to its engines and other parts. This is a step up from the touch screen we see in cars today, and involve less taking your eyes off the road. The screen turns into pop up buttons that are easier to touch and more intuitive. Haptics in a steering wheel can send vibrations along the driver’s hands to let him know when he’s driving too close to an obstacle or when he’s reversing. This kind of technology is more seamless in its ability to be part of driver behavior, making it more usable.

3. OnStar technology

Certain car brands- Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet and GMC come with the option of the OnStar technology. With it, drivers can start vehicles, send directions to their car, find its location, unlock or lock door and manage Wi-Fi hotspots in the car. It can also be used to navigate and will give you minute by minute directions. A dedicated technology service for your vehicle means fewer chances of something going wrong.

4. Laminated Glass

Adding to safety is the laminated glass that many cars sport today. Even on impact, the glass does not shatter, but actually holds together in its broken form. This means lesser danger from sharp shards of glass and debris. It also does another important task of cutting off most UV radiation, essential for those who spend a lot of time in their vehicles.

5. Entertainment options

From large screens that function as a split screen to Wi-Fi hotspots for all that streaming to plugs you can use to power on your video games, entertainment options have gone through the roof.

6. Augmented Reality

This can be used for the building of a car- AR tells technicians what tools they need, allows designers to ‘see’ what their design features and elements will look like and saves on creating actual models. This means faster delivery and lower build and rebuild costs.

There are also driver-less or autonomous cars that are all the rage now. Technology is changing the world of driving in many ways.

6 Latest Changes in Automotive Technology
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