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6 Customer engagement tools to enhance your online store reputation

Apart from sales generation what online merchants and store owners need is to maintain their online reputation. This aspect is a necessity to keep the attention of the existing customer consistent and to attract the new customers.
You might be wandering what is online store reputation and how to manage it .So let me tell you that managing your store reputation means monitoring the brand, addressing the issues of customers (which may impact negatively in future), using customer feedback solutions, providing early warning or instructive signals to customers regarding every process into which they enter in your store.

Why you need the customer engagement tools?

Now with the aim to maintain your store reputation evolves the idea of customer engagement. The major way through which you can measure your store reputation is through the level to which customers and visitors remain engaged with your store. For the said activity you need to implement some tools called as customer engagement tools to
  • attract your visitors
  • invoke an interest in them towards your store
  • convert them to customers
  • retain them for a lifelong time

What to do with the customer engagement tools?

  • Engage customers
  • Offer them great deals
  • Use social media
  • Enable personalized shopping experiences
  • Make them to respond

You need to convert your website to a customer engagement. Give a reason to your customers to come back to you site again and again. Use the following tools to engage them:

1) An instructive approach

Guide the customer from the time they land on your store to purchase a product, while selecting products till they complete their check out process. Assist them in every now and then through an automated series of email notification. Make the process easy by providing the customers a universal shopping list so that they can customize their products and make orders easily.

2) Offer, coupons and contents

  • Avail special offers, deals and coupons on your online store and make some store special specific offers which facilitate customer retention (making the offers in such a way so that the customer realize that they can avail those offers only if they consistently purchase from your store)
  • Also you can endow your those special visitors with certain discount and others deals who visit your website frequently(for increasing your web traffic)

3) Personalized customer Service

  • Integrate your store with email, text and SMS alerts for proper day to day notification to the customer.
  • Try to serve your specific visitors with advertisements based on their demographics, purchase history, location preferences and others for personalized services.
  • Add toolbars for customer log in, follow me widgets.

4) Create a Blog

You must keep a blog where you will be posting your daily updates, new and special bonanza offers for occasions, will acknowledge your customers with your products, their usage and other perspectives. Also you can send the daily updates of your blog through newsletters to your customers.

5) Create a Facebook page

The major crowd can come to your online store if you start a Facebook page. Start generating likes and comments through regular conversations and posts.

6) Set up a Twitter account

Create a twitter account for your online store. It is becoming the powerhouse of generating money. Create conversation on Twitter by tweets and re-tweets and get more interactive.
Managing your online store reputation can build a bridge between you and your customers. So start effectively practicing the above techniques to empower your customers. Always remember there are more potential customers than your competitors and what you need to do is to increase engagement rather than analyzing the threats and potentials of competitors. You just need be conversant with them, response frequently to their answers, clarify their issues. People will buy from you, you just need to provide a start to them and meet their expectations.
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6 Customer engagement tools to enhance your online store reputation
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