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6 Benefits of using the Visitor Management System to Enhance Security

ilobby visitor management system

There is more than one benefit when you set up a visitor management system in your facility. But first, what is a visitor management system?

The visitor management system refers to the systematic tracking of the number of people entering or walking out of a facility or a site.

Usage of the Visitor Tracking System

The system is frequently used in residential or official buildings since it is capable of complementing a building’s security system with the access control system. Visitor management software is slowly taking over the function of safeguarding a building’s security.

It also saves a lot of time and money on your part. Hiring a security guard could turn out to be comparatively costly.

There are plenty of visitor management software out there. You can choose anyone of them. But when you decide make sure you know the benefits that you are choosing. Let’s look into the benefits of setting up a VMS in one’s facility

#1. High Scale Accuracy

A visitor management system comes with a lot visitor tracking features. VMS like iLobby features card identification system, automatically assigned QR codes, multilingual voice identification, and visitor image capture.


This makes it easier to recognize registered users and their whereabouts, keeping outsiders at bay. So while a receptionist is typing in the information or the driver’s license is being scanned, the data can be accurately registered.

#2. Detailed Reporting

When someone needs it, the information is easily retrieved for further analysis.

The VMS generated report can record how many times a visitor has signed-in or signed out from the facility. It can also record how many times a visitor receives guests.

#3. Instant Notifications

Registered users can get automated notification alerts via SMS, email or voice alerts in-case they receive a guest.

Other than that, a visitor management system can also send evacuation notification alert during an emergency informing tenants that there is an evacuation in effect.

#4. Fast Sign-In Process

Manual sign-ins are very time consuming, where visitors are required to fill in details like his or her name, address, phone no., time of entry and exit, etc.

#5. Pre-registration Process

In case if you have an outsider coming over to visit you, then getting him or her pre registered will open access for him or her. All you need to do is add the information in the system and get it ready for the visitor beforehand. So when the visitor arrives, he or she does not have to wait long. The VMS sign-in process is comparatively faster than the manual process.

#6. Benefits beyond Security

If you are a security agency providing security guards to organizations and residential buildings, then here are some benefits of using the VMS that you need to know –

  • It enhances your image

The VMS is capable of scanning the visitors efficiently and professionally, leaving no scope of security loopholes. It can, infact, improve your business reputation.

  • It improves productivity

Using the VMS, you can electronically pre-register many visitors, all at once. In fact, you can also use the system to set up business meetings and attendee lists. The system can be integrated with the existing email system of a facility and with other business systems with ease.


These are some of the benefits that you need to look for when you are searching for a visitor management software. It, therefore, stands as to what you are getting when it comes to safety and security. The visitor tracking software provides more than additional safety and tracking facility.

6 Benefits of using the Visitor Management System to Enhance Security
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