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6 Android Apps To Buy & Sell Invest In Real Estate

Real estate is the only safe bet in a failing economy. Sooner or later the prices are going to rise and you’re going to be rewarded. Meanwhile, you can live in it. It’s like Mark Twain said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”. Even wealthy people choose to invest their millions in homes across the globe. The wealthier you are, the bigger your real estate portfolio. When investing in a home, you need to scrutinize it like you would your soul mate. When it comes to homes and home owners, there are matches made in heaven. Here are a few apps that will help you find your perfect match.
If you’re a responsible parent who cares about his child’s schooling, then this app is for you. It helps you find homes based on school districts. It brings the versatility of to your smartphone. You get instant updates about listings and their status. Having a good school near your dream home boosts its equity value. It’s all about location, location, location. It has received positive reviews from If a reputed tech magazine says it’s good, then it must be good. Your kids will have a hard time coming up with excuses to bunk school when it’s right next door.
Real Estate; Homes
Forego the old school method of attending open houses with the help of this app. It provides high resolution pictures of listings that you can view in the comfort of your living room. House hunting in the information age is done this way. The app provides crime statistics of the neighborhood you’re planning to buy your home in. It even has a mortgage calculator that helps you analyze the strain of your real estate investment on your finances. You don’t want to end up living in a box because you underestimated the cost of your new home.
Zillow Real Estate; Rentals
Foreclosures may be someone’s dream home being taken away from them, but it can also be an opportunity for you to find your own dream home. I don’t advocate capitalizing on someone else’s misery, but it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Apart from the usual jazz, Zillow’s app helps you find properties that are being foreclosed. If you don’t mind your new home being stained by the tears of its previous owners, then you can manage to save quite a bit of money.Empathy is only for those who can afford it and it doesn’t put a roof over your head.
HotPads Rentals; Real Estate
HotPads makes it easy to search for homes while you’re on the go. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, this app can help you. CNET has included HotPads in their list of “5 Android Apps for Mobile Apartment Searching”. If your landlord is kicking you out and you don’t have time to find another place then use HotPads. It’s so simple that you can find a place to rent even while you’re at work. Just be careful that your boss doesn’t catch you multitasking during office hours, or you’ll have to look for a job as well. This app can’t help you do that.
This app uses your GPS location to find listings in your area. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to spend money on movers. When there are homes for sale a couple of blocks from you, you can use your car to shift. If you don’t want to do that either, then you can always bother your friends and relatives. Listings are displayed as points of interest on your map, so you can find them easily.
CENTURY 21 Real Estate Mobile
Century 21 is one of the most respected brands in the real estate world. That should be reason enough for you to download this app. It has all the features you would expect from a real estate app. The app allows you to seamlessly find listings that are suited to your needs. Whatever your parameters may be, this app will fulfill them. You don’t become an industry leader by not satisfying your customers.
These apps are the crème de la crème of the estate world. You can use them to make wise investment decisions. After all, your money isn’t going to multiply itself.

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6 Android Apps To Buy & Sell Invest In Real Estate
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