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5 super easiest ways to make money online for bloggers and content writers

We all want to earn money and when we are online we always searching for home to make money online. But as results most of them are fake. But here are some ways to make money online and it can give you some decent cash but what you need is hard work and lots of patience.

1.    Blogging with Adsense Well we all more or less have facebook account, orkut and many other social networks and have lots of time to chat online with friends but if you give few times to make a blog, it can be your first step to make money online. Yes if you have gmail account then you can make a blog with Sign up there and make a blog with you interest.  It’s very user friendly to design you blog in blogger. After that just update your blog with interesting topic. Just keep in mind that those articles should be unique but you can get some info from internet by searching and compile with them. Another important tip for blogging hot and recent topic is more searchable and your blog can get more visitors, readers and traffic.

Before adding adsense to your blog, your blog should be atleast 6 months old and atleast 100 posts.
a.    Now come to the point when you are going to use adsense. What is google adsense? Adsense is ad service of google where google run their advertiser’s ads into your blog. Publisher like you can use it for free but there are some T&C before add adsense into your blog. You should read it before. Google Adsense is top and easiest way to make money online.

b.    For beginner like you can make some decent money with this. Minimum payout is 100$. After earn 10$ google will send a unique code to you home address. After adding that code google will verify your address.

c.    Money will be issued only when you will earn 100$ on the current month. Say if you earn 90$ on January, your money will not be issued it will be roll over with the earning of next month.

d.    After issuing the money you will get the money after 7-8 days.

e.    Money will be in cheque and you can use it in any Indian Bank.

2.    Peopleperhour & Content Writing: Those who have ability of smart writing, they can try You can find job and bid for it. Many content writers earn lots of money from it. Also it can be use for many other jobs like developing, designing jobs from Peopleperhour.

3.     Elance: It’s another way to make money online. Same as peopleperhour but here people hire only quality one. If you have some experience in your work then it can be easy to get some jobs from Elance.

4.    Triond:  Content is king, if your writing has quality you can earn lots of money from This site has dozen of quality sites on different themes. The publisher dashboard is very much user friendly. More and more content you published into their network sites, you can earn money, money will transfer into your paypal account automatically. Also you can add your adsense code into your content and get some revenue from Triond network sites also.

5.    Snipsly:  Yet another site for content writers. Just register into this site and publish your content. But the condition is that your first content will be in review by the Snipsly team, if it is a copied content it will be rejected. As your first content is approved and published then you can post your other contents instantly. Making money with Snipsly is very easy, just put adsense published unique code into your dashboard and generate the decent review from it.

Note:  A tips for content writers, after publishing the content do some social media with it, share and spread with your friend and other networking sites like facebook, digg, Stumbleupon, reddit etc

From the above list I can say that blogging with adsense is more easy than others, as I am successful in it I will prefer it, I got google adsense cheque four months down the line and its going on.

October 2011 Adsense earning: 121$

November 2011 Adsense earning: 151$

December 2011 Adsense earning: 139$

January 2012 Adsense earning: 144$
My first adsense cheque
So, I can say a last word that more writing more money. Go Bloggers go…..

Article by Debarup Mukherjee

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5 super easiest ways to make money online for bloggers and content writers
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