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5 Reasons Why the Marijuana Industry is Using Technology to Introduce Delivery Services


I’ll be honest, I think this is a bit of a no-brainer.

We are smack-dab in the age of the millennials. The internet age. An age highlighted by the fact that Amazon is offering you big red buttons to order basic items straight to your house. It’s 2017, welcome to the age of convenience! You get your pizza delivered to you, your monthly allotment of toilet paper gets delivered to you, and you can even get rides to the bar delivered within minutes straight through the use of a mobile app. So, why would you not jump for joy to know that you can get your favorite strain of weed delivered right to your doorstep? Well go ahead, jump! It’s a real thing.

As if the existence of a weed delivery service alone wasn’t enough to make you want it, here are another five reasons why the recreational marijuana industry is using new age technology to introduce streamlined marijuana delivery services:

#1. Delivery Is A Discrete Method Of Purchasing Something.

It’s true, not everyone is down with the weed smoking yet. It’s been legal for over two years in Oregon, five years in Washington, and almost one year in California, with more on the way, but it’s still a bit of a taboo among some communities. Maybe you’re a secret smoker? That’s okay! I’m not here to judge you, and I’ll certainly applaud your progressive mindset to embrace this medicinal miracle amongst a resistant community. Luckily, weed delivery is one of the most discreet ways to buy weed, aside from asking your neighbor to pick some up for you…which is sketchy at best. Maybe you like to smoke a nice Indica or take CBD pills to fall asleep, but you don’t like the idea of people watching you walk into a dispensary. Order it online. Save yourself the stress and get your next weed delivered to you. Problem solved!

#2. Getting Your Weed Delivered Saves You Time.

Here’s an obvious one: you are too busy. Between work, kids, soccer, yoga, dinner, walking the dog, and saving the world, you just don’t have time to go to a dispensary. Sure, you WANT to go in and say “hi” to your favorite budtenders, smell the nice new weed, and bask in the friendly atmosphere, but your schedule just won’t allow it. That’s okay. That’s when weed delivery comes in handy. Go ahead and make dinner, weed is on the way!

#3. Weed Delivery Is Easier For Medical Patients.

If you were sick in bed, would you want to have to drive somewhere and walk in to get the medicine you need? No. Not if you had the option to get life-saving and changing medications delivered right to your door. Weed delivery. *Drops Mic*

#4. Get Your Weed Delivered From The Best Dispensary In Town

…Even if it’s across town. Biking? Walking? Do you pick your weed dispensary by how many steps it takes you to shamble over there from your front door, or your office? You know that it’s not the best in town, but it’s the closest, so you settle. Even though the buds aren’t nearly as lovely or bright as the weed at the high quality dispensary across town. You owe yourself more than that. Not having a car shouldn’t stop you from getting the best weed, and, luckily, with weed delivery, someone will drive it to you instead. How about that?

#5. Last, But Not Least, Using A Weed Delivery Service Is, Above-All, Convenient.

Just think about it. There you are, sitting nicely in your favorite couch corner, just settling in to binge-watch Game of Thrones for the 3rd time. In one hand, you hold your favorite ice cream, in the other, the remote. You’re ready, but something is missing…Oh yes. You forgot to pick up the Blue Dream weed (your favorite strain) after work today. No weed. No problem. Luckily your local dispensary is offering weed delivery in your area now and you remembered to order some. “Knock, Knock,” goes the door.

Time to toke up.

5 Reasons Why the Marijuana Industry is Using Technology to Introduce Delivery Services
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