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5 New Home Technologies You Might Own In The Future

I’ve talked about a few technologies they’ve been whispering about for the last few years. Some of them are hitting the market and it won’t be long before they’re all popular throughout the country.

It’s amazing looking around old homes that haven’t been touched for hundreds of years. Do you think you could survive somewhere with such limited technology? We’ve come a long way and it’s only going to get better. Take a look at some of these new technologies we should see in a few years.
1. Transparent TV (
Televisions have probably changed more than everything else in previous years. It makes sense because everyone has a TV and some homes have one in each room. Companies realize they need to keep pushing the limits and the next thing you can expect to see is a transparent TV. This won’t give you a better picture, but it will look absolutely beautiful inside your living room. You won’t want to switch the TV on for a few weeks because you’ll love the fact you can see right through it.
2. Floor Plan Light Switch (
This isn’t going to change the world any time soon, but it actually solves a big problem lots of people face on a daily basis. Do you have to flick a few switches over until you get the right one? Even when you’ve been living somewhere for years it’s sometimes easy to forget which switch controls a certain light. A floor plan light switch will show you a layout of your home and you just need to press a certain room to turn the light off and on.
3. Self-Sterilizing Door Handles (
Are you sick and tired of people leaving the bathroom without washing their hands? If they didn’t clean themselves up it means they could spread their mess whenever they opened one of your doors. It won’t be long before you don’t need to worry about their poor hygiene because the handles on your doors will be able to clean themselves. They will get rid of all the germs before you come along and touch them. Hopefully these start cropping up in office buildings too.
4. Limited Water Faucets (
If you want to save the planet you can start by not wasting as much water. When you wash your hands in the sink I bet you leave the tap running for longer than you need to, but when limited water faucets come around it’s going to be easy to stop wasting water. Every time you use the tap it will automatically fill up with a certain amount of water. When you turn on the tap the water will come out and it will fill back up ready for you to use the next time.
5. Smarter Ovens (
At the moment your oven isn’t smart. You just turn it on and it will cook your food. You’re lucky you even get to choose different temperatures. Smart ovens are different because once they know what you’re cooking they can change the temperature in different places by controlling the heating elements to make sure all your dishes are perfect. It will take care of everything whether it’s fresh or frozen, so you don’t need to think about anything.

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5 New Home Technologies You Might Own In The Future
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