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5 iPhone Game Apps Killing It In 2017


iphone game apps

Tracking new mobile games can be kind of difficult sometimes. It’s not always clear what’s brand new and what’s just been updated, and sometimes an update can be so big that it’s basically a new game! The point is that charting the best “new” iPhone apps of 2017 so far doesn’t make much sense, as we’re not even half way through the year.

We want to look at five apps that, whether new or updated, are well worth your time if you’re looking for new downloads this year.

#1. Super Mario Run

The biggest gaming event of 2016 not named Pokémon GO was probably Super Mario Run. It came out back in December as an exclusive iOS release, and was immediately a huge deal, as the first Mario-related game for any mobile platform. It was a brilliantly designed game packed with entertainment and nostalgic touches. The only problem was that it was over quick if you really dove in. That’s why it’s making our list of great games to keep trying in 2017. A version 2.0 was added this year, including a whole bunch of new content that expands the original game.

#2. Build A Bridge!

This is actually a new app, designed by BoomBit Inc. It’s a combination of a puzzle game and a building game where design a bridge—as efficient or crazy as you like—to help different vehicles get across gaps. The thing that sets it apart is that it flips to a 3D view to show you if the cars will actually make it. It’s almost like you’re creating a blueprint and then flipping a switch to see it in action, and is surprisingly satisfying to play around with.

#3. Marvel Contest Of Champions

Marvel’s video games are primarily relegated to a few different areas. Of the most frequently played games in the slot genre, a lot have made use of Marvel characters and movies for background material. These make for interesting casino games, but Contest Of Champions is more interactive, offering up a fighter experience with a huge number of heroes and villains to play with. The game’s been around for a few years now, but a major update earlier this spring has been ironed out to result in a bigger experience. There are all kinds of playing options, and new characters are always being added (such as Yondu and Nebula from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2).

#4. Dawn Of Titans

Designed by NaturalMotion and viewed as one of the top releases of January, Dawn Of Titans is one of those rare games that seems to top its genre. Real-time strategy (RTS) games occupy a massive corner of the app store, and there are a lot of terrific options. Clash Of Clans is the king of the RTS world, and one of the most popular mobile games of all time, but Dawn Of Titans does something new. It adds enormous titans that can take part in battles otherwise fought between foot soldiers while also adding impressive graphics throughout the whole game. A lot of RTS games leave the battles up to you to imagine and focus solely on strategic decision-making. This game gives you everything you want to see and more.

#5. Reigns

Reigns was new in 2016, and while it got a little publicity, it can never have too much. This is a fascinating and hilarious game that combines strategy, storytelling, and the kind of swipe-based decision-making popularized by dating apps. You play the part of a king, making decisions by swiping through cards to make choices. As you go, you’ll either appease or disappoint different factions within your kingdom, and you’ll almost certainly end up dethroned in some violent or dishonorable manner. Then you just pick up and try again as the successor to the king you just were. It’s a fun and innovative game that deserves your attention.

5 iPhone Game Apps Killing It In 2017
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