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5 Fresh Social Media Tactics

Social Media Marketing

Social media referrals can lead to 30% of a websites’ overall traffic. But with social media trends and rules constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up. It is important to refresh your social media marketing tactics to positively impact business growth and sales.

Here are some social media marketing tactics that are not your usual top tips.

These are fresh and original tactics that will help you to stand out from the crowd among a busy and populated platform.

1. Go deep, not broad

When taking your expertise as a business to social media, it’s better to go deep rather than broad. It will be much more beneficial to become a master of one or two channels that a flounder in many. Find the media platforms that your customers are most likely to be on and limit this to one or two. Then spend your time building up authority, followers and engagement on those platforms.

Once you have located the platform on which most of your customers are spending their time, focus on being active and engaging on those sites. Really develop a deep engagement level with your ideal customers there.

2. Watch your competitors

You should be sure to analyse what your competitors are doing on their social media and use it to develop your social media marketing strategy. If they are not doing so well, look at what they are doing to ensure you do not do the same, if they are doing very well, look at what they are doing to apply it to your strategy. Either way, it will help you to get ahead.

Look at the content that they are posting, who they are following, who’s following them, how often they post, what time of the day they post, the headlines they use on their posts and what their most popular posts contain. This will all give you an idea of what’s working and what isn’t.

3. Use the A/B test

A/B testing is also known and split testing. It involves using multiple headlines for the same piece of content to see which generates a better response. If you schedule a link, be sure to schedule it multiple times and change the headline out with each post. This method is important for finding out how people react differently and can help you to understand the psychology of words and how people interpret them.

This strategy is also perfect for findingthe best time to post. Schedule one for a Monday morning and one for a Friday afternoon, then look at the analytics. Whichever one received more engagement shows that that is prime time to schedule all of your postings.

4. Monitor comments on posts

Facebook has an amazing tool that allows you to include a list of words in the Page Moderation section of Page Settings. Then, if any of the words from that list are used it a comment, it is hidden from the general public and only appears to the person who left it and their friends.

This hides the inflammatory comments to many potential customers and protects your businesses reputation. Facebook can be rowdy and sometimes it is untrue and harmful things that are said on your posts. Keep your Facebook page friendly and be sure to monitor it at all times.

5. Be creative with your Call to Actions

Calls to actions are very important within a social media strategy, but it’s time to get creative with them. This will encourage your followers to take action and click into your offerings. Obviously, determine what you want your prospects to do and make them an offer they really want, but think more into how you are going to create your hook.

Don’t go down the selling route, this does not work. Most people are on social media to socialize and are not prepared to buy. It is better to use your call to actions on social media to build customer excitement and engagement per-purchase. You can present the call to actions in the form of an image, a video or an audio; it’s not just limited to text.

5 Fresh Social Media Tactics
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