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5 Factors To Consider Before launching An Enterprise App

According to the latest report, by 2017, the mobile phone users will exceed by 266 million. And, in the years to come, a huge number in the increase in the mobile apps is expected to complement the growth of mobile app users. Be it an app that can help increase the productivity or get entertained, mobile apps are choice of every mobile user today. Undoubtedly, there is a huge opportunity for the mobile app creators. And, if we go by the numbers, the mobile app industry will be big by $77 billion by 2017.

This in turn, is making the competition in the mobile app market fierce day by day. Being one of the app publishers or players who want his / her app to be sensed quickly and easily amongst the thousands of similar apps in the App store, you need to rethink the strategy related to launch of your mobile app.

enterprise apps

Let’s take a look on a few of them:

#1. Consider your target audience before starting

Have you ever thought? – What if app you have designed your app with great excitement and huge expectations but it turned out to be a failure? – For developing a successful app, you need to find your target audience. And, for that you can check your competitors apps to know where they lacked and what were the challenges they faced. This in turn, will help you in meeting those issues. Also, design and development of mobile apps should go hand in hand to meet the deadlines.

#2. Create an engrossing and user-centric landing page

A user-centric landing page if must for the successful launch of an app. As a landing page helps in right positioning of your app. Thus, its important for a user to create the landing page to entice customer base for your app. There are a few platforms that will help you create the free landing page or app website to engage users. Also App Indexing is very much important for ranking your app in search engines. Find out how you can begin your app indexing ranking signal for Android and iOS

A well-versed landing page fulfills three criteria:

  • It offers a user-centric and holistic information about the mobile app to be launched. Also, keeps users updated about the same.
  • Provides an opportunity to interact with the audiences and get the useful feedback.
  • You can easily get the email addresses of the users, who are interested in downloading your app.

#3. Look and feel is the key factor that defines the app

Every app requires a strong technical front but an app that includes enticing look & feel owns more chances of success.

  • Screenshot: An enticing screen-shot helps in making a visitor to user of your app. The app should be a visual treat, which should be topped up with the brief and complete information.
  • Description: The app should include the description that should be precise, crisp and highlight the USP in maximum 3-4 lines.
  • Videos: Videos are one of the most sought after strategies to attract more customers. And, for creating promo videos, you need to drive the hype to another level so that you can fuel the excitement.
  • Title: An app title should be chosen while keeping in mind the terms that people commonly use while browsing and searching.
  • Keywords: Ensure that the app includes the list of right keywords so that it can be easily discovered in the App store, which in turn, will make it ASO friendly.

#4. Test, test, & test

This is one of the crucial steps that need to be considered for making your app successful. For this you may choose a group of beta testers that will help you making your app stay ahead of the competition. You can even ask from the group of friends, family, and colleagues. Depending upon the target audience, you can select the testers for product beta. These users would be your impartial critic and through their active engagement you will get to know what needs your attention and what not.

#5. Before publishing, Create a hype and live up to it

Create a well-versed marketing plan that works for your app. The unique and evolving social channels that include the dynamic social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram that can keep the hype alive. Just prepare a press kit that can help you launch the app in the most trendiest fashion. You can also submit the app to the various app review sites in order to get the required feedback. Adding the promo video in the Press kit and uploading it on YouTube can also be a great help.

Hope the above mentioned points will help you understand the points that are required to understand before launching an Enterprise app and also read our previously discussed article what makes a successful mobile app.

5 Factors To Consider Before launching An Enterprise App
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