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5 Easy Steps To Developing a Killer App

You only have to take a look at your Smartphone to see exactly how big the App market is nowadays. There is indeed an App for almost everything and we are talking a very big business here. Just look at the Flappy Bird phenomenon and how the Vietnamese developer turned into a cult hero almost overnight. And to be honest, that game wasn’t exactly high tech! So how about trying the application development game for yourself? Of course, you will need a pretty cool idea and an even better business plan to get the whole show on the road, but these are mere details! This article looks at how you can become an ‘Appreneur’ in 5 easy steps, even if you don’t yet have that great idea, you may as well have a read because you never know when genius might strike!

Market Research Matters
As with any small business ideas, market research is the key to success. You can start this stage of proceedings before you have even full developed your soon to be famous application. By setting up your arena for your forthcoming development, you can get ready for the sales and promotional efforts well in advance. Start looking at the attest trending applications and think about targeting these in due course. Spend as much time on your mobile phone looking at what customers really want and you will eventually gain an insight into the strategy that you’ll soon be getting stuck into yourself.
Emulation Rocks 
Surprisingly, creating a successful application is not all about inventing something totally unique, far from it. Instead, why not look at an established development and think about taking it to the next level? Or perhaps you could take 2 separate applications and combine them for something totally fresh. You just need some clear thinking and a lot of time to work through your ideas. 
Your App is supposed to make you money, so how to go about this in the easiest way possible. We’d recommend Ad Networks for this purpose and it works in a very slick way. Essentially, you will be giving your new App away for free! But the advertising that comes hand in hand will generate some decent revenue as long as your development is popular enough. There are ways to optimise the choice of partners and if you choose some clever display locations, you never know!
You can do pretty much most of your operations without any local staff, and it is almost as easy as it sounds. If you are looking for an application that appeals to moving companies in richmond hill, you’ll need to manage your new work staff remotely and even a personal assistant needn’t be in the same building. You can save a lot of money and the skill set available from resources like Odesk are pretty impressive to boot.
You Can Do This!
Just bear in mind that you needn’t be an expert developer, nor is there any upper or lower age limit for this role. Just get that killer idea, follow these tips and the sky really could be the limit!
The author of this article, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Tender Touch Moving. She has a very dynamic personality and she enjoys trying new things. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.
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5 Easy Steps To Developing a Killer App
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