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5 Brilliant Architect iPad Apps You Should Carry Around With You

My article looks at a few apps architects might like to take a look at if they’re interested in making things a little easier from now on and some of the apps are quite powerful.
Architects are finding it easy to work while they’re moving around these days because of the apps they can download to their iPad. Here are a few you might find useful if you haven’t got around to downloading them yet.

AutoCAD 360

When you want to use AutoCAD these days to come up with great drawings you just need to whip out your mobile device. You will also be able to access any drawings you’ve been working on at the office if you need access to them when you’re out on site. As well as viewing and editing documents you will be able to share them with anyone who needs a copy. If you sign up to the subscription model you’ll also be given access to a lot more features that will make the app much better.

Steel Shapes

Architects will need to know a lot about steel because it’s a pretty big deal when it comes to building houses, but do you really want to refer to your massive library of books every time you want to crosscheck a figure? It’s much easier using the Steel Shapes app because you’ll find almost everything you need to know about steel inside nearly 20 digital libraries. It might take you a while to get used to, but it’s something you’ll use frequently and it will save you so much time over the years.


When you start using Photosynth you’ll be able to take great panoramic photos of specific locations and you can do it by turning around in a circle while holding your phone in your hand. You’ll get back to the office quicker because you won’t need to spend ages taking lots of photos manually and you’ll be able to use your 360deg images to create plans. There is also a social element to the app if you want to share your cool photos with other people.

SketchBook Pro

You won’t always be sitting at your desk and when you want to mess around you’ll need a great sketchbook app. SketchBook Pro is one of the best available on the iPad and it will give you all the tools you need to come up with some great drawings. You can even play around with the user interface to make sure it’s easy to use. You will also be able to save your drawings to iCloud once you’re done so you can access them through any of your devices when you don’t have your iPad with you.

Houzz Interior Design

Even if you’re the best architect in the world you’ll not be able to work inside a vacuum and you’ll need to keep exposing yourself to new ideas unless you want to stick with the same tried and tested hardwood flooring all your life. There don’t call Houzz the Wikipedia of the interior design world for nothing and it’s packed with everything you will ever need to lay your eyes on. It will also be updated constantly which means it’s the perfect resource to go back to time and time again.
5 Brilliant Architect iPad Apps You Should Carry Around With You
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