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5 Best Smart Home Mobile Applications

home mobile application

With home automation becoming more and more complex –particularly now that our automation is becoming more computerized and is able to connect with us and the internet, it is only natural that we should begin to create apps and other formats which are able to help us control and use them.

Apps can take different forms depending on what they do and what automation is present. Some apps are only for specific home automation; some can handle whichever automation is present in a home. Similarly, the proliferation of mobile devices has led to a situation where, while some apps can be used with all of them, some apps are only useable with a certain device or operating system, while others can only be used with others.

An example of apps use is in controlling linear actuators. One way of controlling actuators is to have them attached to some form of external control device, but this does limit the abilities of the actuators to do their jobs, in some cases. An app allows for them to be controlled from a distance.

home mobile apps

Wi-Fi Actuator Control App

This app is available for Android devices, and allows homeowners to control any and all actuator devices that are present in the home. The app controls many different brands of linear actuators, and allows homeowners to do such things as set timers on the actuators they are controlling, and control which direction they are moving.
The app allows its users to control the progressive motion systems either together or alone, set pre-set systems based on recorded information, and keep track of how their linear actuators are functioning.

Gideon Smart Home App

This is described as a middleman for devices, as it straddles the boundaries between devices. While it is a good idea to pick home automation devices which all speak the same language when using this app to control them all from a centralised area, Gideon is capable of talking to many different devices from different manufacturers.


This app is something which allows for the control of many of the more minor parts of home automation, such as coffee machines and music, by combining the individual automation for one overall effect. Using the IF app means that homeowners can create sequences of various pieces of home automation for various parts of the day, which can be switched on and enjoyed with a minimum of effort.

Alfred – Home Security Camera

As the name suggests, this app connects to a homeowner’s security system and cameras and allows him or her to see what is happening around the property. The app itself is extremely easy to use – simply download, connect to the security system, and then use it – but it is so far only available for Android devices. Alfred allows for camera footage to be seen by the homeowner in real time, no matter where they are.

home app


Yonomi is an app which allows homeowners to have control over all the home automation which is present in their smart home at any given time. This app gives complete control over the various processesin the home, as well as allowing the homeowner to create what are known as ‘scenes’ – certain programs which involve automated processes activating in response to other automation, rather than to a direct command from the user.

5 Best Smart Home Mobile Applications
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