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5 Best Chess Game Apps You Should Download and Play For Free

chess app for mobile

There are many benefits to learning chess. Such as improving brain power, increasing one’s ability to strategic thinking and attention, and enhancing one’s cognitive abilities.

Chess is one of the most popular games in India and continues to remain the most beautiful and sophisticated game in the world. No wonder it has gone digital! There are so many free chess games apps that you can find in Google Play Store and Apple Store that users can try out and have a good time. You don’t have to be a pro to play chess game. But you can play chess games and better your skills and strategy.

So here you are, a list of free chess game apps for you to check out

1. already has a strong growing community of 17 million chess players and boasts of a plethora of opportunities.

Users can register for free and play online and track their performance with’s useful tools for analysis, stats and training.

If playing alone is boring, then they can challenge chess playing bots who are very serious about winning the game. But is not all about competing against bots. You can also test your fate to see if you can compete for a spot to play in an online title.

The gaming app also comes a news section that keeps customers updated about what’s happening in the world of chess straight from their smartphone.

Not a pro when it comes to playing chess? So what? You can visit the website to find video tutorials from some of the top coaches in the game. Apart from video lessons, you can also improve yourself thorough chess columns and interactive courses.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to improve your game and watch yourself improve.

2. Online Chess Free Chess Heroz

Want to play against some real opponents? Then here is an app that you should try out. Available in Google Play and Apple Store, Chess Heroz allows gamers to play with their friends and random opponents from around the world. Playing online with Chess Heroz is one of the fastest way you can learn chess. You can also find hints that you can apply in your game and learn as you play.

To play a game from Chess Heroz, players need to log in with a newly created username or via your social media account to use the app.

3. Play Magnus Chess

Are you the best? Then how about a duet with the world’s current chess champion? It’s Magnus Carlsen – a prodigy in the world of chess, he has won all the three chess championship titles and is popular for his idiosyncratic game style.

The app comes with real interaction user experience design that creates an impression among users that they are playing for real with Magnus Carlsen. Besides playing chess, you can also train yourself with some of the most challenging Magnus approved games. Also, get to learn some interest facts about the Chess Grandmaster and all the recent news from the world of chess. Download the app for free. Available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

4. Crafty Chess

It ranks as the world’s 34th chess playing site engine and offers players the opportunity to learn and improve their skills through incredulous open chess programs.

Crafty Chess is an entirely free, open-source chess computer program that is available with many downloadable versions online.

Registration is not necessary, Crafty Chess is described as the most influential game ever.

Download One Today

Now that you know a few good top free chess games apps, time to choose any out of the many that you believe will help you improve your skills. It does not matter whether you are an amateur playing the game for the first time or a pro, if you have passion for the game, maybe these are the apps that you need to enhance your skills. Download now!

5 Best Chess Game Apps You Should Download and Play For Free
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