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5 Amazing iPhone Apps For Anyone With A Pet Dog

Dogs don’t have opposable thumbs so they can’t get much use out of phone apps, but there are still a lot of dog apps out there. They were designed to help you with certain aspects of your pet dog’s life. Take a look at these ones because I think you’ll find them interesting.

Tagg (

Once you let your dog out they could easily run away. All they need is a small hole in the fence and they could be gone. They won’t want to run away on purpose, but they might not be able to find their way home. The Tagg app will let you track them anywhere so there is no way they will be able to sneak away. You will also be able to record the distance they travel each day which will let you know if they’re getting enough exercise. If they stop running around as much they might be sick and you’ll pick it up early.

DoggyDatez (

I’m sure we have social networks for everything imaginable these days and there is now one for people with dogs. You will be able to find other people who take their dog walks at the same park as you. Just enter your details and take ownership of a specific spot in your local area. Other people will now be able to reach out to you and you can do the same with them. You even have the option of adding them as a friend so you can learn more about them and their dog before you meet up in real life.

Pet Phone (

Pet Phone is the perfect place to track all your dog’s health care needs. Enter all their treatments into the app so you know exactly what they’ve had done. It means you won’t need to search through vet bills when you want to find something. You can keep track of their medication so they’re always getting the right amount. If your dog is overweight you can even use the app to track the amount of weight they lose or gain each week. The app will also remind you of any appointments you’ve booked.

iCam (

It’s hard leaving your dog at home all day while you’re at work. You never know when they will decide to start eating everything in sight. If you want to keep an eye on them you should download the iCam app. When you have a few minutes to spare you can pull your phone out and within seconds you’ll be able to see what they’re doing. You will be able to relax once you know everything is okay, or if you do see something bad happening you can go home early to sort it out.

Pet First Aid (

Anything could happen to your dog and you should have the skills to deal with any emergencies that pop up. Would you know what to do if they were drowning? You might be able to drag them out of the water, but the app will teach you how to get them breathing again. You’ll also learn how to deal with cuts, stings, burns, and a ton of other stuff. It’s obviously better if you can take them to the vet, but if you can deal with specific things as soon as they happen your dog will stand a better chance of surviving.

Give them a test run

If you have an iPhone you should definitely check them out. You would do anything to keep your dog safe and improve its quality of life, so let technology help you. In a few years we’ll probably have pet apps for everything and they’ll play a huge part in our lives.

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5 Amazing iPhone Apps For Anyone With A Pet Dog
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