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4 Ways Foodies Can Use Their Smartphones For Their Love Of Food

Undeniably, the smartphone is a great tool for foodies. In the past, one might have to check the Yellow Pages or other similar listings to locate the best restaurants, and the problem of such publications being out of date was always an issue. Similarly, it was hard to obtain objective, unbiased reviews of food other than by word of mouth. Of course, food photography was once a pastime reserved for the wealthy as well. With the smartphone however, being a foodie has been revolutionized forever, and here’s how:

Locate restaurants

If you’re fortunate enough to be living in one of the big cities that is covered by Yelp or other similar apps, your smartphone is your concierge to go. With your nifty GPS, your phone can tell you where to locate the tastiest pho, steak or burger nearest to you, and even provide directions on how to get there. Other apps may not provide directions, but nevertheless do give a list of restaurants in the vicinity. If you’re looking for something specific, or within a particular price range, it’s not hard to key in a few settings and have your work done for you.

Read and write reviews

So after visiting that wonderful restaurant, you’ve got to share your satisfaction with everyone, right? Your smartphone provides you with an instant means of broadcasting your gastronomic gratification to the world at large. In the event that your meal left you with an aching tummy or worse, feel free to warn your friends as well. After all, buyers beware! If you’re the cautious type, it also won’t hurt to check out reviews of the restaurants you are considering eating at, in order to minimize your chances of being utterly dissatisfied. Or displeasing your mother-in-law, whichever sounds worse. Food reviews are also great ways to convince yourself to try out that dodgy-looking fish dish you’ve been undecided on since forever. If 9 out of 10 people rave about it, there’s probably not much to hate then.

Photograph food and share with friends

Food photography is not a hobby restricted to Asians. More and more people are snapping shots of their food before tucking in, and then sharing the pictures with their friends and family who proceed to enjoy vicariously. With our social networks like Facebook and Instagram these days, almost anyone can dabble in some amateur food photography, and who knows it might actually help you to bond with your fellow foodies!

Record and share recipes

Gone are the days when pen and paper were your only way of preserving those heirloom recipes. With apps like Evernote, it has now become easier than ever to just snap a picture of that handwritten recipe and sync it across all your devices. Sharing is fast too. Email, Dropbox and Gdocs are just some of the options we have at our fingertips. For those who are into organizing their recipes, there are lots of apps available to help your organize your library of recipes, be it by cuisine type or alphabetically.
4 Ways Foodies Can Use Their Smartphones For Their Love Of Food
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