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4 Stress Management Apps For Everyone Can Benefit From

Managing your health has never been easier since the advent of mobile apps. There are hundreds of stress management apps that can help you reduce the amount of stress you experience. Stress management apps can help you track stress symptoms and teach you to recognize stressors in your life. Other stress apps can provide you with a distraction from stress, such as calming music and soundscapes.

Stress Tracker

Stress Tracker by AboveStress, Inc. can track stress levels, moods, sources of stress, symptoms and behaviors. Stress Tracker’s other features include a note section, charts organized by day, week and month, and a diary view. Additionally, Stress Tracker features a checklist that you can utilize when you are experiencing a high-stress situation. This feature can come in handy if you encounter a stressful situation and need immediate stress relief. Stress Tracker backs up your data automatically, so there is no need to worry about losing your data if your phone or tablet experience trouble.

Stress Check

Stress Check by Wisdom at Hand is available on both iOS and Android. With over 1,000,000 users, Stress Check is an excellent app for stress management. Stress Check features an assessment tool that is based on scientific research that can help users identify the most common sources of stress in their lives. With Stress Check, you can assess and monitor changes in stress level over time which can help you to determine which stress remedies are helping decrease your stress level over time.

GPS for the Soul

GPS for the Soul by is available for iOS and uses your iPhone’s camera to determine your stress level. The app attempts to measure your heart-rate and heart-rate variability through the camera. After the camera scans your face, it provides you with a personalized stress reading and a stress-relief guide. This stress-relief guide can include tips such as poetry reading, yoga and breathing exercises. You can even connect GPS for the Soul to social networking websites to view stress-relief guides from your friends or to share your guide with others.

Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations

Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations by Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise provides users with clinically-proven stress management techniques. The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise is directed by Dr. Michael F. Roizen, a New York Times best-selling author. Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations features eight clinically-proven relaxation techniques backed by Dr. Roizen. The techniques featured in the app include body scan relaxation, self-confidence meditation, guided imagery relaxation, calm mind meditation, loving kindness meditation, letting go meditation, mindfulness meditation and miracle around us meditation.

With these four stress management apps, you will be able to identify stressors in your life, track stress symptoms, determine how stressed you are and learn techniques for reducing stress. Stress management apps can be accessed on your mobile device any time you need, unlike other stress management resources. Although it is important to consult with your doctor if you believe your stress level is unhealthy, using these apps could help you manage typical stress experienced in everyday life.
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4 Stress Management Apps For Everyone Can Benefit From
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