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4 Standout Applications That Will Encourage You To Keep Fit

Keeping fit is difficult enough, without having to add extra work to it. Any fitness expert will tell you that keeping track of your exercise regime is essential, if you are serious about fitness levels. In the past, people who wanted to maximize their workouts kept a paper log of when and where they went training, and the training that they did. Now it is possible to discard the exercise books of old and join the digital revolution. Smart phones now enable most of us to keep track of our efforts with exercise applications. As there are so many apps available, I will run through a few that will help you keep to your exercise regime.

Fitness Fast
If you like to work-out in the gym, this is one of the best applications available. It stands out because it is well designed and very easy to use. Even though it already contains nearly every exercise you use, it will allow you to add exercises of your own; which is a very handy little addition, to its already powerful arsenal. You can track your exercise regime as well as you weight and sleep patterns,making this a personal favourite


Cody’s fun approach to fitness logging encourages its users to keep to their fitness schedules, and certainly seems to work well. As well as being able to use the normal functions of an exercise application, Cody users participate in a social forum. This social aspect is supported through a virtual fitness coach, aptly named Cody. The Cody app really is a fantastic way to encourage, and be encouraged by, friends you never see in the Gym.


If you need more incentive than most to stick to your fitness programme, then look no further than GymPact. This is an excellent way to stay motivated in your workout, and could actually earn you money. The idea is that you set the frequency of your visits to a gym, and if you keep to your regime you will be rewarded. However, if you fail to attend for 30 minutes per session, you will be fined a much larger amount. GPS tracking tells GymPact if you are indeed at a gym and for how long. GymPact claim an 85%-90% success rate, and I’m not surprised

Gain Fitness Cross Trainer

If you would like a personal fitness trainer to accompany your fitness app, then this is the app for you. As well as your usual logs and regimes, you can call on the advice of a specialist trainer to help with your work-out. The trainers show you how to complete exercises, and will give you tips to help you train more effectively. Even though the trainer isn’t in the room with you, they can still show you what to do via video on your phone. Gain Fitness Cross Trainer is another application that stands out because of its consideration for the user.

Using applications to help you exercise is nothing new, but I think that these are particularly helpful in one way or another. Please enjoy your workouts, but don’t push yourself to breaking point; just close to it.
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4 Standout Applications That Will Encourage You To Keep Fit
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