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4 Special Education Apps for Students and Teachers Alike

Nothing should get in the way of your child’s education. Not even his disability. A child should feel empowered during his youth, so that he can tackle the trials and tribulations of adulthood more efficiently. If he is unable to learn at the same pace as his peers, it may crush his morale and he may never be able to recover from it. Fortunately, there are apps available that allow your child to learn despite his handicap. These apps can bridge the gap between student and teacher that disability has created. Here are a few special education apps that can help both the student and teacher.

Even children without disabilities have trouble communicating with their teachers, maybe because they’re too shy or maybe because of something else. Imagine how much more difficult it would be for a child that can’t speak. TapToTalk can be the voice of those who have lost their own. With a simple tap you can communicate what’s on your mind. Whether it’s to ask a question or to answer one your child will never be left behind. Tap on an image and the corresponding speech is played through your iOS device. It’s truly liberating when you don’t need to use sign language to speak.
Inverse to the scenario mentioned above, teachers too find it difficult to teach children who can’t hear. Their lessons fail to penetrate the wall disability has created. ArtikPix can navigate these lessons around the wall if not through it. Using the flashcards provided in the app, teachers can get through to children and impart their knowledge. Lessons become much more fun and easy to learn when they’re taught with the help of visual aids. It also becomes much easier to remember when you can associate them with images from day to day life. ArtikPix is the future of special education.
Learn Braille Alphabet
Braille has been used in special education since the 19th century and it has worked well for people without sight. Although it may seem difficult, it can be easy to learn, especially with this app. Due to the animation used in this app, learning Braille becomes a fun and easy to learn experience for young children. It doesn’t bear down on your child’s young mind, but helps him learn the language at his own pace. His loss of sight shouldn’t come in the way of his reading and writing. Books are the collective consciousness of all the bright minds that have lived before us and your child should have access to them. This app isn’t a porch lift, but stairs that can take your child to new heights. 
ADHD Angel
ADHD Angel is the perfect companion for children suffering from ADHD. They need someone to open up to and this app can be that someone. They can write down their thoughts in this app like a journal. Since children suffering from ADHD are often distracted, this app provides reminders for theirmedication. The app also provides information about ADHD and has contact details in case of an emergency.
As you know education is the most important thing in the world. It empowers the individual and frees his mind from ignorance and superstition. These apps can help your child receive the education he needs to excel in this world.

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4 Special Education Apps for Students and Teachers Alike
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