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4 iOS Apps to Help You Remodel Your House within a Budget

    Your home is the most important asset you have in the world. How you maintain your home reflects upon how you live your life. If the paint is peeling and there are cracks in the ceiling, then it’s time to remodel your house. No self respecting person would want to live in a house that is in such disorder. Home remodeling is the only option you have. Unfortunately, such an undertaking can be expensive. Fortunately, we have a way of making it less expensive. Here are 4 iOS apps to help you remodel your house within a budget.


            Since this is a budget remodeling an interior designer is out of the question. Oh well, you have to make some sacrifices. However, this sacrifice can also be an opportunity,an opportunity for you to design the house yourself. If you have a tough time coming up with ideas, then ‘Planese’ can be of some help. You can scour through tons of ideas on this app and save the ones you like in your “idea file”. If you find yourself in a predicament you can even get in touch with an expert using this app.Isn’t that convenient?


            It’s almost difficult to write a home improvement article without mentioning ‘Houzz’. It’s probably because it’s that good. If you thought ‘Planese’ was full of ideas, wait till you use ‘Houzz’. It’s been called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” and it’s been featured onCNN, that too rightly so. You could spend hours using this app and you wouldn’t fall short of ideas. It’s a must have for a DIY home improvement project. Not only can you find interesting ideas on this app, you can also find local professionals and buy unique products. It also has many home improvement articles for you to read.


            You know how contractors use a floor plan to assess the house before starting their work. Well, you can do the same. It’ll be really helpful during your home remodeling. If you don’t already possess the floor plans to your house, then you can make one using ‘MagicPlan’. All you have to do is take pictures of the different rooms in your house and the app will prepare the floor plans for you. This could come in handy during daunting tasks such as mold removal. Look at you, already operating as a professional.

IKEA Catalog

            During the interior design phase of your home remodeling, you’re going to need furniture;and what better place to get furniture than IKEA? The ‘IKEA Catalog’ not only helps you find the right product, it also provides home furnishing tips. You can also place certain products from the catalog in your room to get a feel of it. The IKEA catalog has been popular with many households around the world and soon its digital version will be too.

            With so many helpful apps at your disposal the arduous task of home remodeling should be no problem. After all, it’s your home. Who can remodel it better than you?

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4 iOS Apps to Help You Remodel Your House within a Budget
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