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4 Factors On Which Every Organization’s Web Design Stands Today

Website design has come a long way ever since the first site was published back in 1991. Over the years, the role of a designer has constantly evolved , from designing text based sites with only 16 color display option to building interactive responsive websites, fully integrated with engaging texts, pictures and other call-to-action features.

Today, almost all organizations need to have their own website. This helps companies to engage in further interaction with people online, the media, as well as in business. With online activity being graphically on the rise, e-commerce trends are set to change the marketing scenario this year.

Internet marketing continues to head towards a new horizon. We find new web design trends appear and disappear to bring new updates every year. But whatever maybe your strategy, there are certain key factors that need to be addressed every time a designer sets down to work on a new website for an organization.

web design trends

Here are some of the following factors that will continue to rule no matter which trend you choose to design your website:

#1 – Usability

A website should be easy to navigate. This is the first step to keep in mind when you design your website. If your prospect is left confused in the home page, then 90% chances are he/she would prefer retreating from your web page instead of proceeding further. Keeping your site simple and minimal is the new trend now, to prevent too much over crowding less it confuses the visitor.

Another rising trend noticed in most web pages is not bothering about the length of the home page. According to Internet marketing analysts, having a lengthy page gives a designer more space to include all the important and additional elements. On the other hand, anyone surfing from a smartphone can easily scroll downwards and read on for further information, instead of hitting on other buttons and waiting for the page to come. This saves time and also prevents a person from further trouble that comes specially to those who do not have fast Internet connection.

Apart from enabling a simple navigation, websites should also ensure clear readability. Make sure your typographies, colors and texts are in harmony with your company’s service. That would be the entire outlook of your website.

#2 – Search Engine Friendly

Be careful not to confuse the search engine bots along with your website visitors. While you should be careful not to use too much of Gif images or Flash menus, since they make it difficult for the engine bots to index your web page, on the other hand, make sure that you integrate your design with specific call-to-action features.

Every web page must have a friendly URL and a URL structure to make sure that the search engines can relate to what the page is all about. Building site maps in HTML and XML, helps to correctly index your website when the search engine bots crawl the pages.

#3 – Device Friendly

Earlier, desktop computers and laptops were the only mediums used to access the website. But today, the pattern of accessing websites have changed. People browse the Internet via modern devices like smartphone, smart watch, tablet, etc. Moreover, a user might view your site from one device but may use a different device when they make a purchase. Keeping that in mind, sites should now consider opting for one design template that is compatible with any device. There is no other option other than going responsive. Responsive design provides you with one URL and one template. Not only that, this makes the work of the engine bots easy to index using a single URL, thus giving your page rank a boost in the SERP.

#4 – Page Speed

Page speed is another important factor that industries need to keep in mind, when they design a web page. This makes it clear why simplicity is the key strategy to designing a web page. It is not just to prevent over crowding the site, but to ensure that the page load time is not affected by using too many elements. Once again, Responsive design template deserves a mention here since they are also known to improve your web page’s loading speed.

The principle reason why so much importance is given to web designs, is because, it is built for the purpose of the people. Whether a visitor accesses your website for information or for making an online purchase, all these factors ultimately sum up to building a successful website. If you ever come across a good website, make sure you do not forget to study carefully as to whether that site has all these factors incorporated in its design. You would find the design to be standing on these principles mentioned above.

4 Factors On Which Every Organization’s Web Design Stands Today
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