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4 Essential Home Improvement Apps For Every Homeowner

In the past, help around the home required either hiring a professional at exorbitant rates, scouring televised programs for the right project demonstration, or buying hefty books when all you need is guidance for one particular project. Home improvement Apps are streamlining the kind of information that one needs to drastically simply any project, big or small. The following tech will address every issue from the tools needed to do the job to plans for specific projects of all kinds. Lighten the shelves by passing on some of those old carpentry books and load up on the latest apps.

Power Tools

The most basic home improvement projects are likely to require the use of one of the following tools: a jigsaw, a circular saw, chainsaw, a reciprocating saw, or a router. This app will tell you everything that you need to know about each of these. Tools do not come with comprehensive guides for use and care. Power Tools provides the missing guide so that you can confidently build your reserve of equipment. From maintenance to the proper safety precautions, this app will give you the confidence of a professional. This app even provides a guide for how to decide which tool to buy or what to look for when renting.

Sight Level
Commonly referred to as a virtual laser lever, this little piece of technology uses your phone’s camera and accelerometer to find accurate slopes and determine angles. The image provides precise guidance, or users have the option of overlaying grids that will serve as a means for getting things right the first time. It is a very basic tool but is one that is indispensable in a large majority of jobs. From hanging shutters to placing bookshelves, Sight Level is one to have at your side.

This app makes getting the dimensions and context of your hardware right from the very beginning, allowing you to save time and money as your project progresses. The program works by taking a picture of the area concerned, a doorway or window for instance, and applying measurements as a direct overlay. This information can be saved for later reference when picking out hardware that may include shutters or door hangings. You can more accurately anticipate just how well the purchases you make on the spot will work with the space. It may be simple, but SIZEd can save you from unneeded headaches.

Construction Instruction
Working best on the tablet platform, this App provides a wealth of information regarding projects of all varieties. It comes equipped with how-to articles, manuals, visual references, and much more. All of the text is helpful and straightforward. Whether you are installing plantation shutters or pouring concrete for steps, this app has the reference material that will make the job go more smoothly. The app is constantly being updated with new material that includes animations and instructional videos as well.

There is nothing wrong with keeping plenty of digital reference material on-hand when tackling any home improvement job. These apps make doing so a little bit easier. Despite the size of your project, a little technology can go a long way.

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4 Essential Home Improvement Apps For Every Homeowner
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