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4 Best Apps For Designing Your Logo

When techies need to make logos on the go, they can turn to iPhone apps specifically designed for jotting down your logo ideas and designing other types of images. If you’re struggling with how to sketch an idea for your new logo, then you might want to try considering one of these 4 useful apps. They’re affordably priced and highly rated. Test them to see which ones match your needs best.

1. Litho Shop

Image via iTunes
Price: $3.99

Litho Shop makes it simple for anyone to setch a rough logo idea on the go. You can start fresh by making your own images, or you can import them from a variety of places, including:
  • Your computer
  • The miSoft online Art Server
  • Graphics from your gallery or clipboard
Once you have a basic image, the app gives you several tools to enhance the logo. You can add layering, shading, colors, and text. Once you’re done with a draft, you can save your work and email it to others for feedback. It’s the perfect way for getting an idea down onto “paper” so you can develop it even more later.

2. neu.Draw

Image via iTunes
Price: $0.99

neu.Draw is a great app for people who want to capture their ideas quickly. The app lets you draw rough sketches with your finger. You can then smooth curves and add color with simple tools. You can also use neu.Draw for vector drawing, which is always highly useful when it comes to conceptualizing a graphic idea.
Once you’re happy with a version of your logo, export it in SVG format. That way, you can keep copies on other devices, send them to colleagues, or publish them directly to the Internet. Considering that the app only costs $0.99, you won’t find a better deal.

3. iDesign

Image via iTunes
Price: $4.99

iDesign gives you a lot of options when making your logos. That’s because it’s designed to work as a general illustrator that lets users make technical drawings and illustrations as well as simple logos. The enhanced features will come in handy for those who like intricate designs.
Despite its wealth of features, you shouldn’t have a hard time using iDesign. Its user-friendly controls let you nudge images, rotate, zoom, and snap to grid. If you’re looking for an intuitive design program that offers a little more to design your company’s logo than the typical app, this is one of your best options.

4. DesignRuler

Image via iTunes
Price: $0.99

DesignRuler works a little differently than the rest of these apps. Instead of creating finished products, it helps you compare design options so you can concentrate on the features you really want in your logo.

It’s also a great tool when working with clients who don’t know much about design. You can use the app to show them different font sizes and designs. That way, you spend less time revising logos because your client has enough information to make the right decision.

One of these four apps will very likely be the perfect option for helping to conceptualize and develop your logo ideas when you’re on the go. What other apps and features would you like to see for designing logos on your mobile device?
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