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4 Advanced Screenshot Taking Tools Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of

Screenshots are an important medium of communication that a blogger can use in a general guide-to-know blog post. With content sharing becoming a strong digital marketing medium, one of the essential task that bloggers now have to undertake is, composing contents that can provide readers a detailed instructional based tutorial. And screenshots do work wonders. This is because, when a reader is reading a blog post; he/she prefers understanding the conceptual background about a subject before trying to analyze any information further.

Speaking from the professional point of view. While designing flowcharts, technical diagrams, maps and graphs straight from the scratch is not only an arduous task but is also pretty time consuming. With a quick screenshot, one can immediately implement it in a work to make the quality of presentation effective and convenient.

All gadgets allow users to take screenshots in different ways. There are even many tools available in the market and some of them have the best feature options to offer. Whatever kind of options your screenshot tool may provide, some of the basic features that you need to look for are as follows:

  • Ability to save images in multiple formats
  • Ability to take screenshots of specific resolution
  • Usage of proper annotations like Arrows, Tags, Highlighter and Text
  • Easy cloud sharing services
  • Capability of fast loading and lightweight
  • Ability to capture web pages in full screen
  • Support functionality of shortcut keys
  • Support of basic image editing features like Rotating, Cropping, etc

Some of the best and effective screenshot tools that you can use for your blog are as follows –

#1 – FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture

The FastStone Capture is a feature rich and most versatile screenshot taking tool. Some of the important features that this screenshot taking tool can provide are as follows –

  • Global Hotkeys that can capture screenshots using keyboard shortcuts
  • Screen Recording Support
  • Annotation Support
  • Multi Output Support like Save Image, Export Image, Print Image, etc
  • Capture of scrolling window, full window, specific region, menus, free hand region
  • Multiple Tab Support
  • Basic Image Editing Support
  • Join Side by Side Images
  • Save files in multiple formats
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Touch Screen Support

The list to its key features are endless.

Anyone downloading and installing the tool, will find a mini window appear on the screen along with various options. Some of them are options for full screen, current window, capturing of the current page, scrolling window, etc.

When you choose an area that you want to capture, a small box containing instructions will appear below on the right hand corner of the screen. The screenshot taking tool allows one to capture multiple areas within a single shot. When you make a mouse click, you would get to see an image edit interface.

The FastStone Capture is like a full image editor that offers you hundreds of options to edit a captured image.

The Draw function that, when selected, will take you to an entirely new screen where you can texts, annotations, images, highlight, etc. Once you are done with this, you can save the captured screenshots to multiple formats. There are also different format options that you can choose to save your captured screenshot. When you select a format type, you can get to view a side-by-side comparison of the original with that of the edited image.


The FastStone Capture come with a 30 day trial package and you can purchase it for $ 19.45.


  • Excellent tools for editing
  • Rich feature functionality
  • Mutiple file format support
  • Various screen capture options
  • Video support


  • Price

#2 – Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot

The Nimbus Screenshot is a browser plug-in, which when installed will appear in the extension area of your browser.

Some of the features that the Nimbus Screenshot plug-in can provide are as follows –

  • Ability to capture part of screen
  • Ability to capture the scrolling area
  • Ability to start with a blank image
  • Ability to take scrolling shot of only a part of the screen
  • Facility for screen recording
  • Options for keyboard shortcuts

When someone is taking the screenshot of a page, one has to click on the extension icon. You can also avail this option through the shortcut keys. No matter which options you choose, the user will be shown three options that can allow one to save, edit or discard. You can edit a captured shot, using features namely annotate, blur, resize, insert text, etc. You can then save the edited screenshot in your hard disk, Google Drive or even print it. You can even use the Nimbus cloud to store your screenshot along with a comment.

Additional Features of Nimbus Screenshot

Though Nimbus Screenshot is a browser based plug-in, you can use it to capture screenshots of other windows. For this you need to open the image editor and start by opening a blank image in Nimbus. When a user opens the blank image, Nimbus will open the editor. You can capture the screen on the desktop by clicking on the ‘Capture from Desktop’ button. You can click on this option to find all the open Windows on the screen. You can choose the one that you would appear in the Nimbus editor.


Nimbus Screenshot plug-in is free!


  • It is free
  • It provides lots of capture options
  • It has a video support


  • It comes with limited file format support
  • It comes with basic image editing features
  • Does not come with multi-tab interface

#3 – Jing

jing Screenshot Software

The Jing is an advanced screen capturing and screen recording tool that you can use to choose selected region or a window on the computer screen. This is the free or the toned down version of Snagit that is useful for taking simple screenshots. You can click to capture a selected screen from the on-screen options or choose to configure directly using the keyboard shortcut. You can edit the captured image, from a small screen, where you can add text, annotate or even do some basic image edits. A user can then save the image directly after the editing has been completed.


This is plug-in is for free usage!


  • It is free
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to use even for non-technical users


  • It has a limited feature set
  • One can only save a file using the png format

#4 – Skitch

Skitch tools

The Skitch is a popular screen grabbing tool made by Evernote Corporation. Some of the important features that the Skitch screenshot tool can provide are as follows:

  • Capturing of a rectangular area on the screen
  • Basic features of annotation
  • Mobile app support for both Android and iOS

A user can use the Skitch to screenshots of relevant portion, using markup and annotation. A screenshot can be taken by clicking on the ‘Screen Snap’ button. You can carve out the required portion, which would be followed by opening up of the Skitch app. From the image edit options, you can implement various image editing functions like resizing, cropping, pixelation, annotation, etc.


Anyone can use Skitch for free


  • It is easy to use
  • It has a simple user interface
  • It has the ability to create professional looking images


  • Lack of keyboard shortcuts
  • Limited set of features

There is no doubt about the fact that screenshots have become very useful in our day to day usage. Whether one uses them in social media posts, as an instructional guide or for an important business presentation…screen shots have made work easier and for which, there are several advanced screenshot tools available in the market from where you can choose from and implement in your blog.

4 Advanced Screenshot Taking Tools Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of
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