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35 Best Ways to Promote Mobile Apps in 2017

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Mobile applications recently have gained a lot of attention from businesses and their customers. They are a great medium of marketing and information for the people out there. Many mobile application development companies are providing businesses with the finest solutions for their marketing and product sales with developing world class mobile apps for them.

Creating a mobile application requires informative data and research followed by their actual application use. Many businesses and traders are willing to sell their product and service with the application of the mobile apps. Mobile apps actually help them to increase their target audience along with the overall improvement in the sales of the product / service leading to achieve higher profits. Development of the perfect mobile app tends to attract its viewers within the less time and has proved to be the best marketing solution for the business today.

However this can happen only when the mobile app will reach its audience in the most effective way. It happens when your mobile app is available to its user by having just one click and getting the right information as needed. In order to achieve this platform, the mobile applications should be marketed in the right way to get reached to its users in time. To get this happen you have to work hard on mobile app marketing methods for the promotion of your mobile app in the market.

For this we have 35 of the best solutions to market you mobile app to achieve its high interactions with its users effectively. Let us have brief look at these methods of mobile application promotion

35 Best Ways to Promote You Mobile Apps in 2017

1. Creating Video for App

This solution can prove to be a highly informative for new users of the mobile app. A video about the indications to use the app can help its users to access the app easily for their needs. The video can be sourced on the store where the user can view the video before downloading the app.

2. Social Media Integration

Use of social media platform is a powerful method today for the mobile app promotion. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are the accessible and useful social media tools of marketing for your mobile app. They allow high interaction with the audience active on these tools leading to increase your customer base.

3. Integrate in Blog

Writing a blog on the information and use of the mobile app can be a great way to enrich its users in less time. Blog is a brief description published on various websites which let to know its readers about the topic and purpose of the app deeply. Impressive blogs can tend to increase the download of the app effectively.

4. Integration to Web Service Through Website

An existing website for your business can prove to be a lot of effective for your mobile app promotion. Placing the add or link of the mobile app in the website page can increase the downloads of the app. The viewers are more likely to visit the website so it is always recommended to source the advertisement or download link on the website page.

5. Community / Groups on Social Media

Creating an active community or group page on the social media sites are more beneficial for your mobile app. You can showcase your products and services on the page and invite more audience to interact with the group or community page on the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Watsapp.

6. Use of Hashtag

Hashtags are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays due to its active and increasing use in social media platforms. Hashtags used on the Instagram became popular and so it became a trend to use the hashtags on other social media tools too. Use of hashtags can surely increase your number of viewers and downloaders for your mobile app.

7. Optimization on the App Store

You can always increase the number of downloads for your mobile app when optimized with the app store. Users always find the app they need on the play store more frequently and are likely to view and download you app when viewed. Availability of the app on Google play store, windows store, amazon appstore and iOS store will increase its user base.

8. Posting video about the app on YouTube

Now-a-days YouTube has higher number of audience and can be prove to be a great platform for your app promotion. creating a small duration video on how to use the mobile app and posting it on the YouTube will definitely help to attract a lot of customers for your app. You can share the information on how to use the app effectively towards the viewers.

9. In-App Reviews

The reviews available on the app store and other forums will help you out to market your mobile app in a more positive way. Posted reviews about the use of app, it’s, accessibility, technology and appearance will lead you to make improvements in the app and present more impressive and advanced version of your app on the store.

10. Use of Forums

Forum websites are more likely to attract its users to review about the forum topics discussed in it. This tool can be useful for your mobile app promotion and help to attract the different category of users available on the forum websites.

11. Use of Customer Ratings

Ratings posted by customers on the store and other websites about your app will let you to improve the app quality and present your app effectively. Many users view the customer ratings before downloading the app on the store.

12. Use Emails for Marketing

Emails Newsletter are still the best way for the promotion of your mobile app today. You can simply paste your app link or QR code in the email and send to the email ids in the contacts.

13. Distribution of Flyers with QR codes

This is the best traditional way of marketing your app. Flyers included with the QR codes can be distributed locally to let know about your app in the locality. QR codes can help the users to search directly for the app in the app store.

14. Writing Contents for App

Writing a powerful and impressive content about your mobile app will help the viewers to get know about the actual purpose of your app. Contents are mostly read by many users today. So it will definitely be beneficial to prepare an outstanding content for your mobile app and let them placed on your website.

15. Using Alternative App Store

Rather than Google play store and windows store you can look out for other alternative app stores like amazon app store, opera mobile store, appbrain, slideme, and many more for your mobile app. This will help to get more downloads of your app.

16. Application of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will let you increase the search on the internet for your app. This technique is now considered to be the advance promotion method of your app on the internet. SEO let you get more visitors on your website and likely to hit more downloads of your app.

17. Oral Publicity

Approaching directly to the target audience is the main strategy here. This is also the traditional way of approaching people and advertising your app by interacting with them. You may get some more hits on the download clicks.

18. Use Adwords

Using tools like Google Adwords would be much more beneficial especially during the initial months of launch of your mobile app. While running the Adwords campaign you should have adequate finances and regular time allotment with well-defined strategies.

19. Using Friend Circle

Interacting with friends to promote your mobile app through them. You can get a good platform for marketing by asking your friends circle to distribute the QR codes, URL links, emails of your app. You can ask them to broadcast and suggest your social media page actively on social media tools.

20. Use Influencer Marketing Technique

You can create a better market for your app if you can use influential players of the market for the promotion. You may never know that you will get more downloads by asking these people to promote your app in the market.

21. Advertisement Through Print Media

Promoting your app on the newspaper, magazine columns and classifieds will let you attract more users for the app who are relying more on the print media applications.

22. Advertisement Through E-Media

If you are willing to spend some more on your app promotion then you can opt for the TV and radio advertisements. You can seek more visitors for your app download.

23. Press Release Notes

You should be well prepared for the press release while launching your app. This would help you find a better place in the tech news section of media which would do a good level of advertisement for your app.

24. Friendly Invitations

App users can invite their friends over social media, emails and messaging and ask them to recommend your app to other users. Try to give them bonus points for recommending their friends.

25. Using Business Cards

Having a QR code on your business card having application download link will make your app available in everyone’s pocket when they want. This is one of the most systematic ways of marketing for your mobile app.

26. Using Promo Codes

Generating promo codes of your app and placing them on other websites like e-ticket booking, food delivery and others will help your app to get advertised on other sites as well.

27. Use of Coupons

Offering coupons to the customers for the use of other amenities by downloading the app from the app store will help to increase downloads for your app.

28. Using Pinterest

It is a social media tool in a different way where users can pin their favorite app images on their account and then install it later when they need.

29. App Reviews Through Twitter

The reviews tweeted by users on the Twitter can be used for better advertisement of the app. New releases can be broadcasted through the Twitter.

30. New Feature Release Through Social Media

The recent features of the app can be informed to the users through the social media tools. It is better to release the new features through this social media as users get the recent updates about the app.

31. Conducting Surveys

Conducting a survey related to your app can help you identify your target audience and further improvise on your app features. This will assist you defining new strategies for the promotion of your app.

32. Using App Review Sites

There are websites which compare the apps with same features and provide its reviews for the visitors. So it must to use these mobile app review sites for your app marketing as it will bring more users to your app.

33. Frequent Updates

Releasing recent updates for the app can help to minimize the issues related with the app features and usage. This will help to generate a trust with the app user.

34. Landing Page

It is like the biodata of application and it is the most powerful tool for promotion of your app. It should be designed accurately and incorporated with SEO. It should contain screenshots, features, reviews, videos of the apps well as all social media pages related to the app should be integrated within the page including the blog. It should have the link of your app available at all app stores.

35. Providing Free Services

If your app is in the paid category, try to give some services free of cost or release a smaller version of app in free category. Choosing this technique will attract some more users for downloading your app.

These are the fabulous ways to promote your mobile application in the market today. You will be able to find a stable place in the world of mobile application market by applying these methods for marketing your app. Your mobile app will get more downloads and higher customer base further increasing your sales and profits for your business.

35 Best Ways to Promote Mobile Apps in 2017
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