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3 Requirements of Integrated Circuit Designers

The job of integrated circuit (IC) designer involves computer and technical expertise for designing integrated circuits of different applications. The designers must have Bachelor’s degree in the field of electrical engineering or relevant subjects. Professionals with several years of job experience are preferred by the design companies. The following are the essential requirements of an expert IC designer.

Knowledge of IC design:

Popularly called semiconductor processor, designers conduct research, plan and supervise the overall circuit design as well as production. The professionals who search for analog Ic design job vacancies are involved with project conception, final production and associate with particular phase of design and development. In UK, a proficient IC designer applies diverse principles of electrical engineering along with technical abilities to create microelectronics as well as improve performance level. Check out the following phases of IC design that a designer should understand.

System Design:

The system design step involves the specifications as well as main operations of chip. It scrutinizes issues such as power, speed, cost, functionality as well as design elements while setting the specifications. Often the resources that are available for the designers are not useful during this phase. For example, the designer wishes to work at low voltage but the process technology only supports high voltage that is more than 4 volts. In the situation, the IC designers adjust the specifications to use the existing tools.

In a nutshell, they understand the process technology available before system specifications and design. During system design stage, the key sections of system are illustrated with help of block diagrams without the details of content of block. Only output as well as input characteristics of sections is given in details.

Circuit Design:

A designer begins a project and meets marketing, application and manufacturing departments to determine design expectations and capacities. He or she then creates or uses specification to create basic layout. It includes setting of input signals, output signals, circuit timing as well as power availability. During the process, the designers use CAD or computer aided software to build verification, schematic design, verification as well as integrated circuit characterization.

Circuit Testing:

Once the preliminary layout is complete, the designers use computer-aided designs or models to examine and analyse the circuits. It includes verifying specifications, tracking the system performance, characterising troubleshooting problems or bugs. Besides, the designers also are responsible for testing as well as writing documents. Other responsibilities include recording of specification changes, circuitry expertise as well as logging other modification.

Proper education and other important requirements:

The designers who want to get high salaried jobs must complete graduation in engineering or related field from a reputed university or college. The duration of degree level engineering courses is four to five years and covers diverse topics from engineering field and general education. Popular topics such as signal conditioning, systems of circuit communication and microprocessor architecture are included in the curriculum.

Few programs incorporate laboratory based engineering programs where the participants use computer software as well as arithmetic models for calculation and design testing. However the professionals without specialized knowledge of integrated circuit design can pursue a special certification course in the relevant field. Normally these programs continue for six months to one year and incorporate topics such as digital circuit, analogue electronics as well as semiconductor equipment.

Advanced Degrees:

The top ranking companies recruit candidates who complete post graduation in engineering field. Master’s degree courses in computer and electrical engineering continue for one to two years and incorporate subjects such as system optimization, sequential circuits and radio frequency. The graduate programs include thesis option where the students submit specialized study plan and present results as well as research.

Familiarity about remuneration and other requirements:

Understanding of market trends, remuneration and perks allow the IC designers to build their career accordingly. According to a recent survey, the average salary of integrated circuit designers in United Kingdom with relevant qualification earns nearly £ 50,000. However the professionals with few years of experience enjoy additional perks and facilities. In UK excluding London, a proficient designer enjoys average salary of £42,500 to £50,000.

Learn the essential requirements of Integrated Circuit Designers and get prepared to start your career as Integrated Circuit Designer.
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3 Requirements of Integrated Circuit Designers
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