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3 Reasons You Need to Convert Your PDF to HTML5 Flipbook

When you already have a good PDF document on hand, be it a brochure, magazine or catalog, it can be easy to just hold on to it indefinitely. But even a classic PDF can (and should be updated), and the trends now are pointing towards flipbooks as your best alternative.

Following a web design blog like Vidomi ( will help you see what’s new, and to find out more about the flipbook. Interested? Here are the top 3 reasons why you would want to convert your PDFs to flipbooks:

pdf to html5

1. Avoids the Download

The common PDF file is perfect for downloading, and that is one of it’s best features. That it can be downloaded and then read by just about anyone without worrying about specific software readers. That’s great; except readers are losing patience for downloads and would prefer to see their content documents available right there in front of them.

And that is why a flipbook is the way to go. You can embed your document into any webpage or blog post, and your readers will be turning pages instantly without any downloads or wait times.

2. More Interesting to Read

With the ongoing trend of video, high-quality graphics and animations, people aren’t satisfied with “plain” text like they once were. That is even more evident with longer documents like magazines or e-books. Scrolling for page after page just doesn’t “feel” right, so you’ll keep a reader hooked if you let them flip instead.

It may seem like a minor detail, but it works. By flipping the pages, a reader connects more to the text and is more likely to stay engaged with it because if feels real. If nothing else, it can set you apart as being more cutting edge and more technology-forward than a competitor.

3. To Improve It

A pre-existing PDF can be a fine promotional document and it may have been working well for you. But why not take this opportunity to freshen it up and actually make it better. The flipbook format allows for more multi-media than the usual PDF, and that is where you can probably improve your magazine or catalog.

Whatever tool you are using to convert your PDF will surely allow you to do edits to one as well (if not, try a new tool). So now is the time to tidy up the fonts and formatting, as well as get creative with more media. Do you have video or audio clips? Are there places you add a few interactive links to draw readers to your other sites or products? Take a fresh look at your document and see what new improvements can be made.

Not only does a flipbook have animated turning pages, it is the perfect format for a full media-rich experience. Don’t overdo it, or you can obscure your message but people expect a more visual experience with their reading these days and you should help them get that.

Most good flipbook tools are free, so there isn’t any risk to giving it a shot. Try converting one of your PDFs and see how promotion improves.

3 Reasons You Need to Convert Your PDF to HTML5 Flipbook
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