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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Apps in Your Business Operations


The world seems to be growing the way of mobile smart phones. A lot of consumer behavior and practices have been influenced by mobile phone. But, what is its influence when it comes to the business end of the things?

What are the advantages of using mobile apps to improve internal and external business operations? Is this solution a fad or is it future proof? Is it worth considering for the costs involved? Let’s discuss all these in detail below.

The rise of BYOD

Just a decade ago, introducing a new technology into your workflow meant investing a lot – sometimes in the regions of thousands – on getting the latest devices for your employees to use. This was the right way to go by, it sure made the long-term maintenance and management of the entire tech system much more manageable and affordable as well at the same time. With the growth of technology, this approach seems to be rather obsolete.

With the growth of robust mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, organizations need no not work hard to standardize all the devices of their employees for business use. Business tech has advanced so much that, businesses should just apply a security and enterprise suite that is designed to prepare the existing devices of employees for business usage. A good chunk of these devices can be managed from a central command console as well, which means the latest apps and new solutions could be integrated seamlessly with existing devices.

Bring Your Own Device is becoming industry standard these days. It reduces a lot of capital investment for small and medium enterprises. Even large corporations can save by following the BYOD policy. This also reduces the learning curve for team members as they get to use their existing devices. Since they are already comfortable with the device they use, it doesn’t affect their productivity. In case an employee is using an outdated phone that can’t be bought into the business ecosystem, corporations can provide aids to purchase new devices that would meet the standards set by the corporations for optimum integration. It’s a win-win solution for all.

Market Solutions for Mobile

Another valid reason why the idea of switching to mobile apps to streamline existing business operations is much efficient, is since there are a lot of existing solutions in the market catering to your needs, that you can now choose from. The market is filled with so many ready-made solutions that can plug into your existing operations and improve certain parts of a business’s systems. There are even ready-made solutions that are designed to completely streamline everything right from A to Z.

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a good example of such a complete solution. CMMS software and solutions are also designed and developed to work in synchronization with mobile devices as well, to allow operating technicians and maintenance staff to be more productive with their tasks. Information regarding maintenance schedules can be pulled and pushed in real-time thanks to the dependence on cloud computing. Most of these come integrated into the software and hence you don’t even have to invest a lot in setting up servers and other infrastructure to get yourself off the ground.

High Return of Investment

It is known to everyone that mobile based software solutions, especially the ones that are marketed as Software as a Service or SaaS, provide the highest return on investment (ROI) to businesses in the long term. Going the SaaS way makes sure that there are no initial setup costs involved to setup the required infrastructure. The solutions are available right out of the box complete for integration into your existing workflow for an affordable monthly fee.

It is also very easy to scale with these software solutions as your company grows, without having to worry about the cost of scaling.

This is the right way for your business and this should not be missed for anything else. A lot of businesses have been turning a lot more competitive on the market after using mobile-focused solutions for their internal operations. I hope the reasons mentioned were convincing enough for you to start trying them today.

Do let us know if you have any doubts and we’ll be glad to clarify them for you,

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Apps in Your Business Operations
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