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3 Incredible Home Security Systems Setup via Your Smartphone

smart home security system

What is a Home Security System? It is nothing more than sensors that can detect what is going on and around in your house. Some of the main types of sensors that are used for this purpose are cameras, microphones, and motion detectors. Earlier, computers were considered the best equipment for monitoring. However, now smartphones are considered the next best thing when it comes to home security systems.

Benefit of turning Your Smartphone into Home Security System

  • A Cheap Way to Monitoring Your House

A phone is a lot cheaper than a dedicated security system.

  • Well equipped for Monitoring and Sensoring

It has all the electronics that are used in a home – both the monitoring and the sensor side.

  • Always Accessible

Your smartphone is always accessible to you. Hence, it is one of the best monitoring equipment.

Having said that, you must be wondering about how the smartphone can become a good home monitoring system. To answer your curiosity, there could be nothing best than showing you a demonstration of smartphone or android application projects.

Here are a few examples –

  1. Presence

This is an app that can turn your old smartphone into a useful device again. The sensor has the ability of detecting motions around your house and can send videos of what triggered the alert to the smartphone.

It is very easy to use. That is because it has been designed so by the the Silicon Valley company behind the creation of Presence. You could equip your smartphone with this powerful app and use it for monitoring your driveway, front door, backyard or even monitor several rooms around the house.

  1. Canara Home Security Device

This is a small and inexpensive device that looks like a soda can. However, it comes power packed with an HD video camera, motion detector, microphone and sensors that can detect the air quality, room temperature and vibrations.

The gadget has been claimed by its inventors to be capable of monitoring a house based on home rhythms. It uses Wifi to send you alerts. You can connect your smartphone to the device and set up a monitoring system anywhere around. The best thing about Canara is that it is portable and you can carry it around anywhere you want.

  1. iZon Wifi Video Monitor

This is also a cylindrical device that can connect with a magnet to an included dome base thus enabling you to turn and tilt it for the right view.

It comes with a free iOS app that can position and configure one or more iZon cameras.

You can record a video for a maximum time limit of 35 seconds. You can also configure the device to record the video based on motion detection. You can also set up to register motion only for a limited field view.


Setting up a home security system is no longer a good excuse to leave your home unexpected. Using the right products and the right smartphone, you can set up a functional and affordable home security system.

3 Incredible Home Security Systems Setup via Your Smartphone
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