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3 Golfing Apps That Will Improve Your Swing!

Golf is one of those sports that you really need to try at least once in your life, and that’s usually enough to hook you forever! As well as being an incredibly enjoyable, golf can get you fit again and keep you there. No matter where you happen to live, there is usually a golf course within an hour’s drive. But how about that swing and those putting skills you still having really got down? Golfing lessons are not cheap and how is it that your buddies are improving whilst you seem to be standing still? Well, maybe they are getting a little help from their Smartphone! Yes, there is an App for that, and then some! We have got 3 of the best here and we’ll see if they are good enough to let you get back up there with your golfing mates or not-Enjoy!

Tiger Woods: My Swing – $5
This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 4.3 or later for smooth running. Well, even if you aren’t a golf fan, you will need no introduction to the main man himself. Tiger Woods is still the best golfer on the planet and has been producing golfing related software for over 15 years. This App will certainly dissect your current game and help to rebuild it the correct way. With My Swing, you can actually video your own golf swing and compare it to the Tiger’s on your iPhone. You can then alter your technique as per this cracking App’s instructions and keep on comparing the two swings until you really hit that sweet spot. My Swing is a very clever App and we believe it will work for you if you put in the practice.
Golfshot – $29.99
This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.1 or later for smooth running. Okay, this App is not a cheapie, but it is certainly a goodie! The rangefinder will tell you exactly how far the green is, no matter where you are on the course. It uses a dedicated GPS signal and will work on over 40,000 courses worldwide. You’ll also get tips on which club to use and those hideous over shots should be a thing of the dim and distant past. It may not improve your swing but you can’t have everything!
Golf Channel By Golf Channel – Free
This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. Our final Smartphone golfing App is all about enjoying the finer aspects of hitting that little white ball with the stick. If you are sick of having to search on your TV for a decent golf channel, worry no more. This App will bring you golfing news, analysis, instructional videos and all the big matches at a touch of that sweet little screen. The whole setup is configured especially for Smartphones and you’ll be amazed at how much good stuff is here just for you!
3, Fore Smartphone Apps!
Well we think that you’ll agree about how cool all of these golfing Apps are, just remember to download them before your next ‘friendly’ match with your buddies!

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3 Golfing Apps That Will Improve Your Swing!
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