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3 Awesome Apps to Give Your Home the Perfect Furniture

There used to be a time when furnishing your home required a lot of effort, guesswork, numerous rounds to furniture showrooms, and what not. However, along came technology and changed everything for good. Thanks to technology and mobile apps, doing up your home’s decor and shopping for furniture is now easier than ever before. Listed below are three apps that will help you select the perfect furniture for your home.


Houzz Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to furniture, interiors, and home décor, there are not many apps out there that can give competition to Houzz Interior Design Ideas. Definitely one of the best home improvements apps out there, Houzz is a terrific app armed with a comprehensive database of home décor and interior design ideas. With over 100,000 high resolution images in its gallery, Houzz gives you all the inspiration and brainwave to get all your creative cells charged up. Be it any room of your house – right from your bedroom to living room, to your bathroom, closet, kid’s room, porch, to your patio, Houzz has every corner of your home covered. You can sort images according to room, or you could also sort images on the style you fancy – traditional, modern, contemporary, and so on. If that wasn’t enough, the app also gives out product suggestions and furnishing ideas from professionals, all for free. Is there anything not to love about this app?

Patio Furniture Ideas and Design

Getting your new dream home constructed? Wondering what the patio of your new home would look like? Or what kind of furniture you want your patio to have? Patio Furniture Idea & Design is a fantastic app that takes all the guesswork out of designing the perfect patio for your new home. A patio is that beautiful area in your home where you can host small get-togethers, unwind with a book on a lazy weekend, enjoy an outdoor barbeque with loved ones, do your morning yoga sessions, and so much more. Being the perfect place to relax and unwind, you’d certainly want your patio to be perfect, right? Patio Furniture Ideas & Design offers its users a myriad of awesome and trendy patio furniture styles, designs, and lots of inspirational ideas.

IKEA Catalog

Need to shop for furniture for your new home? Tired of running from one furniture showroom to another to get hold of the perfect couch for your living room? There’s so much more to furniture shopping such as making sure the furniture measurements are correct, making sure you get furniture that gels with the other items in the room, and more. IKEA Catalog is a nifty app that takes furniture shopping to the next level. Rather than you going to furniture showrooms, the furniturestores come to you! The app allows you to virtually try out furniture from the IKEA catalog, at home. The app has a nifty Augmented Reality (AR) feature with which you can choose items from the catalog and overlay it on your smart phone’s camera, making it seem as if the furniture actually exists in the room. Thanks to this app, no more guessing how well your new couch gels with the décor of your living room!
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