Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How To Use Virtual Private Numbers To Make More Money In 4 Unique Ways

If someone is already using a VoIP service with their business I've talked about how they can make more money using virtual private numbers.

VoIP phone systems are becoming very popular these days and a lot of online businesses use them. There are dozens of reasons why you might decide to use them and each one is great, but today I want to look at how you can use them to make money. 

More specifically we're going to look at how you can use virtual private numbers together with your VoIP service to make more money. A virtual private number is essentially a unique phone number that transfers through to your main number in case you didn't already know.

Test out a new theory

How do you decide if you want to put a banner add on a certain website? When you want someone to click through the link you can just add a tracking script and you'll find out where they came from. You won't get the same data if someone calls you because you can't exactly ask them where they seen your ad. But what would happen if you used an individual phone number for each ad you placed? You would know what ads were generating the most money and you could get rid of the bad apples.

Run split-tests

If you were generating a lot of leads from one specific source you could go a little deeper. Let's say you have two different ads and each one has different copy. How would you know which copy was performing best if the same phone number was on each ad? If you put a different phone number on each ad you would see which one was performing better because you would get more calls. You would then feel safer rolling the ad out to more places around the web because you already know it will convert.

Different languages

Most people who call you will speak English, but because we live in a giant melting pot you never know who is going to call. Someone might speak English, but if they are allowed to speak to someone in their mother tongue it could increase your conversion rate. If anyone in your team speaks a specific language you could target people who speak the same language in specific ads. Make sure you use a unique virtual number that goes through to the person on your team who speaks their language and they should close more sales.

Advertise around the world

When you see a phone number on the internet you feel safe knowing it's one you recognize. Not many people will want to phone a strange number they've never seen before even if they really like the product on offer. You can use a virtual number to make potential customers feel safe because once they've phoned the number it will automatically come through to you. It means everyone gets what they want, which is something that might not have happened if you used your actual number.

Start testing it out

If you already make a lot of money selling things over the phone there is no reason why you can't use virtual numbers to make more money. You just need to get creative, but at least you now have a few examples you can use as inspiration.
Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, VoIP Superstore, reputable providers of configuration and support services for small business phone systems. She enjoys keeping herself update with the latest market trends when not indulging in a John Grisham novel. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.


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