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There is hardly an aspect of life that Apps have not failed to tackle. Every tool or item of reference seems to be condensible and capable of being digitalized in order to be put in the palms of our hands. On top of that, it will be available for less than $10. This fact remains to be true even when you consider the world of home improvement. From levels to calculators designed to estimate material volumes and costs, no matter what you’re building or painting, there is an App for it.

A Springboard

Some people simply need a visual image as a starting point to get their home-improvement imagination going. Houzz Interior Design is just the App to make this possible. Being deemed as the “wikipedia of interior design and decorating,” this App puts millions of photos of finished homes and cutting-edge motifs at your fingertips. The massive database can be browsed by keyword, color schemes, or room. Users can even set up blank spaces that they can manipulate in order to create brilliant ideas to share with designers or contractors.
Calculating Pro
An All-In-One construction calculator will come in handy more than one may think. Although Apps like this do not come cheap, typically costing around $8, every detailed, mathematical aspect of renovation and home additions will be covered. Whether you are building stairs or coming up with measurements for a baluster, the resources you need will be there. This App also features visual diagrams that allow you to envision each cut and measurement that moves you closer towards the final product.
Put the Space to Work
Anyone who has ever struggled with explaining a space to a designer or contractor over the phone will immediately see the value in this App. My Measures is an App that allows you to take a photo of any given space and superimpose measurements over the actual photo. This image can then be sent to multiple parties so that the discussion related to material specifics can get underway.
High in the Rankings
Roofing Calculator Pro takes the guesswork and intimidation out of the typical roofing project. This calculator lets you easily acquire estimates in cost, materials, and labor percentages for roofs of varying complexity. Multi-section roofs, tear-off jobs, and dormers are all covered in this easy-to-use application. The interface is intuitive, and the field inputs allow for every type of job contingency possible. Additionally, pricing is broken down by roof element rather than the job as a whole.
Dreaming of DIY
One of the major challenges that comes in completing any home remodel completely on your own is estimating just how much money you will sink into the project. Even when you research prices on materials, it can be difficult to account for local and regional fluctuations. The DIY Remodel Cost Calculator creates a budget instantly, however. It starts by considering your location, followed by every element of the project in order to give you a itemized account of just what you are up against.

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