Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Convert Your CD Collection to MP3s and Make Some Extra Cash

Many people have built up huge collections of CDs over the years, but now find that they would rather just listen to all of their music on a single MP3 player. If you want to convert your entire CD collection into MP3 format then it is very easy to do, and as well as being more convenient it will allow you to sell your old CDs and make some money out of them.

Get a Computer with a CD Drive

The only bit of kit that you will definitely need is a computer with a CD drive. This is quite standard on many laptops and computers, but if you have a netbook this may not come with a CD drive and in this case you will have to buy one separately.

Download iTunes

There are many options that you can use to copy your music from your CDs to your computer. However, perhaps the most popular and easy to use is Apple’s iTunes.

You may especially want to use this if you already have one of Apple’s other devices like an iPod touch or an iPad as you will be able to use these to sync with your iTunes library to make listening to your music even easier.

Begin Burning Your CDs

iTunes makes it very easy to copy your music into its library in MP3 format. You simply sign up for an account, launch the software, and then place your CD into the drive. You can then follow some simple instructions from within iTunes to import your music into your library.

It does not take long to copy your music from a CD over to your library. However, if you have a very large collection of CDs then it could take you quite a while to copy over all of your music, so prepare to sit down for quite a few hours to get the job done.

The great thing is that when you have copied all of your CDs, you will now have all of your music on your computer from where you can back it up and keep it safe. Now if something happens to your CDs or they become damaged over time, you will still be able to listen to all of your music.

Find Somewhere to Sell Them

Once you have all of your music copied over to your computer, you may decide that you don’t want to keep them. If so, it is very easy to sell your old CDs. All you have to do is visit a website that specialises in purchasing CDs directly, and as long as they are in good condition you will be able to sell them almost immediately.

Converting Your CDs Is Easy

If you simply don’t want your large CD collection taking up all that space in the home, it is easy to convert them into MP3 format where they won’t take up any space at all. If you then decide to sell your CDs for some extra cash, just make sure that you make a backup of all of your music, perhaps by investing in an external hard drive, because then if you lose your computer or it breaks, your music will still be safe.


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