Friday, May 31, 2013

Benefits of working in the I.T. industry

Whether you’ve worked in the I.T. industry for decades or you’re on the hunt for .Net Jobs from Cititec, we’ve rounded up the benefits of working within the I.T. industry, just to keep you smiling.

The I.T. business is big money and has been growing rapidly over the past 10 years. Here’s why you should consider a career in I.T.

#1 High Demand
There is no denying that there is a high demand for technical services, every company, school and individual calls on an I.T. expert at some point to help with the computing needs. The high demand for I.T. experts isn’t going to slow down any time soon, with the world moving fast at a digital paste, there is an ever growing demand for I.T. experts. This means that there are an abundance of job opportunities within the industry, even when times are hard.

#2 Constant Growth
Because of the high demand for I.T. experts in all industries there is constant growth required. This isn’t a stagnant, still industry but one that is ever evolving and changing. This means you to will be required to learn and keep up with industry standards, ideal for anyone who is keen to continue professional development and take on new challenges.

#3 Good Pay
Depending on the area of I.T. you enter in to (and at what level) you can earn anything between £16,000 - £60,000 a year. Many I.T. workers choose to do freelance work around their full time positions which can bring in a wage on top of the annual earnings. Typically the better paid rolls are management positions but I.T. technicians can also be higher earners than the national average. 

#4 Flexible
Working within I.T. can allow for very flexible working hours, not all I.T. positions are 9-5, with many web developers or freelance I.T. consultants working over evening and weekends or just one or two days a week. This is ideal for people with families or choosing to work whilst travelling. 

#5 Various Career Paths
With technology continuously developing the career paths for I.T. workers is endless. Just a few positions are:

  • Web developer – a web developer will typically design a website from start to finish, including the home page, site navigation and function.
  • Software developer – software developers are involved in designer software such as computer games, operating systems, word processing and business applications. They create the ‘algorithms’ which tell the computer what to do.
  • Technical support engineers – technical support engineers supply on going assistance to businesses and organisations with computer programs that need maintaining.
These are only a few of the hundreds of positions available for I.T. professionals. With the development of mobile internet there is now a wealth of opportunities in this area.

Perl Watson is the contributor for this wonderful guest post.


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