Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Guide to Buying a Smartphone

Smartphones are extremely popular and there are many different types of products available – that is why it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. You need to think about your need and the reason why you use it. This will help you from buying something more expensive for functions that you know you will never need. 
Here are some considerations you need to make when it comes to buying a new smartphone.

What Do You Use It For?

Is this something just for personal use or will you use it for business too? If you just need something to use for business, you will want something that will allow you to play games, make phone calls and check your text messages. You may decide that you want to be able to browse the internet and check your social media sites too.

If you use your phone for business, you will need something that can work with your business. The smartphone will need to link to your emails and help you plan your day. Voice activation is a great way to store memos or make phone calls while you are doing something else. There are some smartphones that are specifically made for businesses in mind.

Do You Prefer a Certain Company?

Do you have any preference over the maker of your cell phone? Do you have to opt for Samsung or will you be happy with Nokia or Apple? If you have a specific company that you have to buy from – maybe you gain a discount – then it will limit your options but you could still find something that suits your needs perfectly.

It is often better to look at the variety of phones on the market and compare the quality and functions available. Just because the rest of your family buys Apple don’t mean that you need to buy the same brand or model or that it is the best smartphone for your needs. If you want to avail a discount from a certain company, it is also worth to check the prices to see if you will save money but gain the best phone.

Do You Need Voice Activation?

Do not buy a phone just because it has voice activation. This is a great gimmick but will you really use it? There are many people who find that it just sits there and there is no need to do anything. Voice activation is often beneficial for those who use their phones for business but not for anything else. While it can help you write text messages and call people without pressing anything, there are limitations and it may not understand you correctly.

What Is Your Budget?

Always have a budget in mind when shopping for a new smartphone, whether you are buying outright or on a contract. These phones are expensive and you could find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on something. If you are paying by contract, consider the amount that you will spend throughout the year and the benefits you are gaining – will you really need all the talktime and data available to use or will it go to waste?

Always have your needs in mind when buying a smartphone. It is common for some people to stick to one company because they know and love it but that doesn’t mean they will offer the best phone. Research the various options and have a budget in mind. This will help you avoid overspending for a function that you know you will never really need.


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