Monday, January 21, 2013

Enhance Your Business Operations with Advanced Audio Conferencing Solutions

Global business has wider dissemination of business practices, having clients are located in different nations. Communication between you and your clients is important to succeed in your business operation. It is not economical to travel outside the country to attend each and every meeting. You can use the travel allowance on increasing the productivity of the organization. Audio or web conferencing is simple and cost-effective. Now, your company does not have to spend more money on allowances and travel expenses.

Audio conferencing provides you an option to enhance your virtual events and remote collaboration. Using this feature, you can organize important conferences or meetings anytime, as the services are available 24 hours a day. Conference call providers offer on-demand audio services, so you need not worry about pre-booking them. The service connects instantly to any location and allows more than 100 participants per call.

While opting for this service, check whether the service provider offers excellent voice quality and data security. This modern platform brings forward all that you need for effective communication. It only takes few minutes to learn about thee software tools that are included in it.

Features of the conferencing solutions

There are many internet conferencing service providers which offer both audio and video connections. VOIP service allows you to connect with other services and it is cheaper than a traditional calling systems. Using this option, you can even make calls to mobile phones and telephone lines at a much lesser rate. One of the main advantages of incorporating web and audio conferencing is reliability and cost effectiveness. Benefits of audio conferencing are:
  • Business operators can organize a meeting anywhere based on their convenience. There is absolutely no need to set aside places and time for this meeting with the help of this software.
  • Interact with your employees who are located in different countries at lower rates.
  • You can easily manage calls and these solutions are quite easy to use and even non-tech people can use them without any problems.
  • Apart from conferencing solutions, you can also share documents with one another.
  • The software has the ability to record the online reports and post conference summaries.
  • It is just a onetime investment and all you need is to have a computer, headset and uninterrupted internet connection.
Many organizations can use this facility to manage their business dealings, which helps them to achieve the goals and earn maximize the profits.

How it works?
The audio conferencing web solution allows the participants to join the meeting just by clicking on the email invitation web link. An icon is displayed to indicate that the participant has joined the conference or not. You can also chat with each others without interrupting the ongoing meeting. Use web conference to load unlimited number of presentations before and during the meeting. You can also control the slides that are viewed by the participants.

During the meeting, you can emphasize the key points with the aid of the annotation tool. Some service providers also display how much you have saved carbon dioxide emission by conducting meetings through online service. You can cancel the face to face meetings, which are absolutely not required, thus saving on the travel cost and reducing the carbon dioxide emission.

Security features
The service providers maintain 24X7 customer support and multilingual help desk. They also easily create the tracking codes for department billing, so it is easy for the users to read the reports. The audio conference access is protected by means of conference ID or password. Lock the conference to prevent the uninvited participants joining the meeting. Entry and exit announcements are made to drive out the participants and lock the audio conference. It is protected using advanced technology such as SSL encryption, which can be used while sharing documents.

Small, medium and large sized companies can enjoy high quality conference calls to host the meetings with their colleagues from around the world.


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