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10 Tools to help you Create Quick Websites

It is essential for web pages to load up fast to retain the readers and maintain a good page ranking. Otherwise every internet user will divert to other sites which provide similar information in lesser time. Therefore, it is the primary task of every web designer to look after the speed of the website.

The success of any website depends on the loading speed of the website. It improves performance and the experience of the users. However, you can use some of these tools to speed up the website loading process. You can find the pros and cons of using these tools. Some of these tools to help you create quick websites are as follows


Page Speed Online Tool

This tool was first presented by Google. This tool judges the working and efficiency of your website under web performance practice of Google. It analyzes and gives information of the website performance in a report basis to your mobile device.

Pingdom Tools

This tool is brought into action by pingdom. It gives a descriptive report on the performance of a website. It gives detailed report of the page size, request for the page and the loading time.

Web Page Test

Through this tool you can test the speed of the desired website from any browsers like Internet Explorer, Google chrome, and Firefox. This checking can be done from any location. Web page test enables you to block the unwanted advertisement through several page setting.

Web Page Analyzer

This tool was first used in 2003 and it is a simple way of judging the speed of any website. It gives report on loading time, size of the page and assets. However, various other features are also offered by this tool.

Show Slow

This tool analyses the performance of a website through various metrics over a given period of time. It judges a website on page speed, dyna trace AJX edition and Yslow and makes a summary with feedback to enhance the efficiency.

Site Perf

This tool is supposed to give precise information on loading speed of a web page, after request been made. It detects the loophole in the performance and is widely admired for its flexibility. This tool also provides various additional settings.

Load Impact

Reports provided by this tool are always in graphs. The reports are on the amount of time taken for a page to download after requested by a user. Basically this tool shows the way to handle traffic for the website.

Web Wait

It is another tool to fasten the loading process of a web page after request been put up.

Free Website Performance Test

This tool can be used from anywhere in the world, this is how it will give global review on the working of a website. It basically tests the speed of a website and gives report on page speed, page objects and the page size.

Through the above given tools you can speed up the loading process and the efficiency of a website. These tools are widely used and recommended ones to fasten the website speed.This will help you optimize the search engines and redirect the traffic to your website.

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10 Tools to help you Create Quick Websites
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