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10 Tips How To Improve Your Website in The New Year 2017

Having a website is becoming the norm these days, although not everyone has got the hang of it just yet. We have set our goals for the New Year but some of us are still working on achieving most. Well, at least there is time left and non to be wasted. Have you set your resolutions yet or are you hard at work on achieving the impossible? There is no need to stress if one of those resolutions is to improve and grow your website.

Here are our best tips to do just that in 2017

1. Visual content

2017 will be the year where visual content takes over. You really need to be on top of your game to compete this year. There is no excuse for small, dull and poor quality visuals. Videos and images will become a great focus. We live in a world consumed by reality television for a reason. Audiences are looking for entertaining content and our brains are wired to find visuals more entertaining. You should have a website with background video and there are professionals who can help you with that it you struggle.

2. Engaging content

If you want your traffic numbers to grow, you need your posts to be shared as much as possible. If you want that to happen, your content has to be engaging and strong. With all the information out there, only the best gets the attention of the reader so make sure yours does just that.

3. Social interaction

Growing your website has to involve some kind of social interaction. You are putting yourself out there when starting a website and your audience would like to get to know you better. Interactive on the social platforms is an easy way to do this. When you start your profiles, be sure to be active and available to your followers.

4. Listen to your audience

Gaining trust and commitment from the individuals’ reader your website is the fundamental rule of growth. If they connect to your content and have something to add, this is growth in itself. Take a look at your comments section and listen to what your audience has to say.

5. Keep up with trends

As much as it is important to stay true and authentic, it is also important to keep up with the trends. If it means having video in background website or writing about current events, you need to keep your audience updated and trendy.

6. Have a contact form

Another way to engage with your audience is to have a contact form. You want your audience to reach you and feel connected with you. Add a contact form to your website to give your readers the opportunities to share their views, concerns and compliments.

7. Mobile is everything

If your website is not mobile friendly, you are going to lose out in 2017. Make sure your website is compatible to all mobile phones to ensure user satisfaction. Web users expect to have a good experience when visiting website via their mobile phones.

8. SEO reviews

Doing an SEO review on your website on a consistent basis will help you see if you are doing everything required to ensure good traffic. There might be something you are missing and with SEO being important for growth, this is something to keep your eyes on.

9. High quality content

Apart from writing engaging content, users are expecting well written, new information. Even though you have to consider SEO when writing your posts, make sure this is not all you focus on. If you are covering a topic, try and add something that the other websites did not. There is no room for grammar and spelling errors so make sure your content is of the highest quality. Hire someone to do your content if you must.

10. Share yourself

We love reality television and thus even bloggers can win over their audiences by sharing a bit about themselves. You don’t necessarily have to write about what you had for breakfast, but you can give advice based on a personal experience or event. Don’t be too robotic in your writing. Let the readers get to know you for who you are in your real life.


The expectations for websites are becoming higher as the years go on. You just have to adjust your thinking a bit and give the website users a good experience when visiting your site. Keep up with the changing times and before you know it, you will improve your website this year.

Victoria Kane is a content manager and she is an amateur guest post writer. She is fond of writing, traveling and painting. Victoria enjoys her life and take each opportunity to make it more interesting. Her motto is “You can never have too much happy”.

10 Tips How To Improve Your Website in The New Year 2017
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