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10 Simple Tips To Get Traffic For Your Blogs

Every Blogger including me Targets for getting great amount of traffic to his own Blog. There are millions of blogs in this blogosphere and still many are taking birth. Getting more traffic is just like a battle between blogs to survive….!!!

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog. But i found these ways to be the most efficient ways to drive traffic. Just go through all the 10 bellow mentioned tips and try to follow them. 

1.   Post Interesting and Genuine Content – 

In my words content is always the king that attracts the visitors more to your blog.
Post the content that will let the visitors to share it everywhere. Quality content always let you to get returning visitors. It don’t matter how many posts you have, Bu the thing that matters is how good the post is. Though you have less posts they should be efficient in attracting readers.
“Write the content for your visitors not for search engines”.

Never and ever, try to copy the content from other online sources which may lead to many bad consequences. 

2.   Make Use of SEO –

Whenever the topics of getting traffic arise, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the Word that sounds loud, than any other factor. Though it is a huge concept you need not to get deeper in to that. Just stick to few basics like Keywords, Alt tag for images….and many others.

This will really help your blog to get huge amount traffic from search engines. 

3.   Guest posting 

Try to write interesting articles on the other blogs with good page rank and visitors. But do remember that the blog on which you do a guest post should also be related to your blogs niche, only than you can steal visitors from there. Even allow other bloggers to post Guest post on your blog so that you can get few good posts for your loyal readers

4.   Social networking 

Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google + are the vast sources for visitors. Create Your own fan pages for your blog and promote your blog links on them. Even try to post in Facebook groups as you can drag many visitors from there. Even you can try other social networking sites like.
Linked-In, Digg, Tumbler, Pintrest and other social bookmarking sites.

Provide Sharing widgets on your blog for all possible social networking sites, which allows the visitors to share the content when they like it.

5.   Post regularly 

Posting regularly gives you many loyal readers. When each time a visitor visits your blog he will be looking for new posts and interesting stuff. So make sure that you post content in Regular basis and never let the Quality of the content drain. 

6.   Get Genuine backlinks 

Backlinks are like Back bone for SEO. If your blog has back links from sites with good rank then that would help your blog to rank better in search results. But never buy backlinks for cheap rates. As those backlinks will be created from blogs that has poor page rank, it won’t help you at all and instead it will affect your page rank badly. Try to get back links from good pages ranking sites 

7.   Make interesting videos 

A video impresses lot more than a normal pic. So create a YouTube channel and start posting your videos.

Even you can get traffic from YouTube if the video is good enough.  People used to share videos more, they get shared on all social networking sites and you get traffic easily. 

8.   Blog commenting 

Through this you get free backlinks from many sites with good page rank. And even you can drive traffic from that comment, but don’t try to spam more in comments. Just comment few lines related to that post and you can have a back link from that site as a credit. Make sure that the blog on which your comments gives you Do-follow backlink, not the no-follow back link. 

9.   Post Updated issues 

The faster you update the more traffic you get. Always people get attracted to those sites which give the information faster than other blogs. For example if you blog in related to tech then just post the issues that are trending. 

10.  Advertise on other blogs 

Advertising is also an interesting and useful way to get traffic from other blogs. Choose a site with good amount of traffic and related to your niche, such that you can get a chance to your link add on their blog. No matter how you spend a little amount on that but If your blog is good enough you can get that back soon… 

Through following all the above tips you can easily get huge amount of traffic to your blog. Stay connected with us we will be posting more interesting and killing tips & tutorials to make you blog better at SEO.

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10 Simple Tips To Get Traffic For Your Blogs
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