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10 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Content Marketing in 2017

Content marketing has really taken off in the past few years. People are starting to understand the power of good content. This powerful tool can be used to maximize any business if done correctly. There are many companies out there that assist businesses with content writing. A content writing service can be found on many freelance writing portals.

With that being said, there are also some big mistakes made when doing content marketing. It is important that you watch out for these as it can kill your marketing strategy. We list 10 mistakes today but there are a lot more.

content marketing mistakes 2017


These 10 examples will help you to avoid crashing before you’ve started

1. Terrible content

It is so important to have good continent. The whole idea with content marketing is to provide the reader with something intriguing to read. Anyone can write a thousand words but if your content is of a lower quality, you will lose the reader and thus missing the opportunity to market.

2. Great content but not helpful

Having an article with perfect grammar and free of spelling errors is one thing. To write content that is going to help the consumer, is another. You might hire someone for an article service based on a perfectly written application letter, only to find the actual work of no help. I read many perfect articles that offer no usefulness to my life and that is a shame. You can find out also how to invest on one great content instead to get 100% ROI.

3. Over selling

Make sure your content is not a forceful sell to the reader. You want to add more value to your article instead of purely promoting your product. People get tired of reading about the amazing results your product will yield. Instead, try writing about the benefits of a product like yours without mentioning the product itself. It may seem challenging but it is really not. Give your reader more exciting information, then they will research your product themselves.

4. Writing for yourself

The idea with content marketing is to make the reader feel like it is all about them. If you write for yourself, the reader will feel unimportant and possibly click to another page. Brand marketers make this mistake a lot.

5. Not answering questions

Listen to your audience and use their questions as content. This will immediately show importance to your customer. Look at the comments on previous posts and select the most commonly asked questions. This is a great way to find important topics to discuss in your articles. Show that you are listening.

6. SEO is not content marketing

Writing for SEO purposes is not useless. In fact it is a very important part of having your article pop up on the search engines. Some case study writing services show that articles purely written for SEO purposes loses the essence of the story. Have most parts of your article written for purely informative purposes. Readers are so smart these days, they can pick up if something was written purely for SEO. Now find out these 16 Golden Rules That Make Every Guest Post a Super Hit Online.

7. No strategy

This applies to every avenue of life. You cannot just randomly start content marketing and hope for the best. Before you start, have a plan and a strategy to ensure you are reaching your target audience. You could be posting a ton of content without gaining one new customer. This could be a negative result of no planning ahead of time. Avoid this mistake by doing your research first and putting your strategy in place early.

8. Irregular posting

You need to setup a marketing calendar and stick with it. If your readers know when updates are coming, they are more likely to check your website. Irregular posts tells the readers they are not important and thus lose interest. If you are going to post once a week, stick with it. Do not update weekly, then monthly, then daily. This is confusing and a lot of posts might not be seen.

9. Videos

Videos are great to market with and get the message cross but the idea is to provide great written content. There is a place and a time to use videos to market your brand but content marketing stands on its own. Write good enough content that the message is delivered without the aid of too many visuals.

10. Burnout

It is not necessary to do 10 posts daily. You can have the same effect by writing a few good pieces a week. In fact, a fantastic weekly post is also a good starting point. You do not want to get to that point where you are burned out and just write for the sake of updating. Every piece should be thought through and add value. You cannot do this by writing 10 posts a day yourself.

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These are some mistakes to avoid in 2017. We have learned from 2016 and it is important to not repeat the same mistakes. We can reach our target audiences and give them insightful information through good content.

10 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Content Marketing in 2017
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Victoria Kane

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