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10 Awesome Sports Apps & Sites for the Sports Fanatic

Looking for some great new sports apps and websites to keep your entertainment fine tuned? Well for sports fanatics, it is always imperative to have their favorite players and teams available right at the click of the button.

Fortunately, this is no more a problem since most of them now have a smartphone with them and speaking of sports app, they are available in abundance too. With more than a million apps released in app stores every year, finding the best sports apps is not so difficult anymore.

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Well, here is a look into the 10 best sports apps and sites that you can follow –

10 Best Sports Apps & Sites that are Popular This Year

#1 – Thuuz Sports

Follow your favorite players and teams with the Thuuz Sports app. That application is adopted to a clever system that creates exciting ratings for upcoming games based on online stories and news.

With Thuuz Sports app, people can get all updates on the upcoming games, cable channels, and find various streaming options. Other important features that come with the Thuuz Sports app are personalized sports news, fantasy sports tracking and on-the-go alerts.

Download your Thuuz Sports Android App or iOS app.

#2 – Team Stream

Team Stream delivers real-time notifications, relevant information and numbers sources available on the internet.All that you have to do is select your favorite team/club. Other important features that are tailored to your favorite sports team and players are – stories, gossip, scores, news, videos and pictures.

Download your Team Stream Android app or iOS app.

#3 – ESPN

One of the best go-to sources for every kind of sports highlights. Some of the important features that are showcased on ESPN are –  sports highlights, stories, analysis, etc. Also, get access to various sports channels. Over the time, the ESPN app has improved to a great extent making it one of the best sports apps till date.

Download your ESPN Android App or iOS app

#4 – MSN Sports

The MSN Sports app is known for having a variety of sports under its coverage. These include over 150 leagues. Users can choose their ‘favorite team’ and then get more specific news related that team. Thanks to its syncing features, streaming out contents is so much easier both on the web and from smartphone. What else?  Users can even look up the app in search for highlights, scores as well as other content.

Download your MSN Android app or iOS app.

#5 – Fox Sports Go

This app is another provider of all the important sports news and scores. You will find live game headlines, as well as stats that are complimented by bold designs. Not only that but the Fox Sports Go app also allows users to stream out great shows like The Ultimate Fighter, UFC Tonight and NASCAR Race Hub.

Download your Fox Sports Go Android app or iOS app.

#6 – The Score

This app is good for the timely delivery of important game reports, statistics and updates. Users can easily look up any upcoming events straight from the app’s event calendar feature. You can also get to view the latest scores and the important play updates with the calendar feature. Apart from this, users can also follow their favorite team and players and even keep track of the upcoming events.

Download your The Score Android app or iOS app.

#7 –Yahoo Sports

The Yahoo Sports app is designed so that it can easily sync across different mobile apps and websites. Despite having all the essential features like availability of players, game statistics and sports. In addition, with the same app, users can check out the game scores,  the situations and overall game statistics.

Download your Yahoo Sports Android app or iOS app.

#8 – Tickets

Get all gaming scores and price comparisons right at your fingertip with’s Tickets app. Using this gaming app, users can quickly look up any upcoming games, their favorite team players, compare seat prices and even view interactive maps showing the available seating arrangements, and even get tickets at the best price deals.

Download your Tickets Android app or iOS app.

#9 – NBA

The NBA app is a dedicated sports app that focuses mainly on basketball games. Users can look up the app for live scores, recap videos, statistics, team roaster and other necessary game notifications. Users subscribing to the NBA League Pass can stream out live games on the device or watch a classic ones.

Download your NBA Android app or iOS app.

#10 –

A fan of the Major Leagues? Then the at Bat app is the one especially for you. This mobile app is your go-to source for all the latest news, stats, game schedules, videos, analysis, roasters, standings, etc. Besides, users can select their favorite teams and receive personalized notifications instead.

Users choosing the premium version of the app can avail live audio or find access to important game-highlights as well other features.

Download your Android app or iOS app.


A pretty top ten sports app list eh?!! Well what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download today! Did we miss any of your favorite app that you think should have been on the list? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

10 Awesome Sports Apps & Sites for the Sports Fanatic
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